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This holiday season, many are celebrating the positive aspects of their year as well as spread the spirit of charity by helping their communities. 

Recently, we found a story that has done both for our foundation.

We are proud to tell the story of Austin Corbett, a player on the NFL’s Los Angeles Rams, who chose to support the TS community in their efforts of spreading TS awareness and explained why in a recent video by the Rams. 


NFL' Los Angeles Ram's, Austin Corbett, a champion for TS!

On December 3rd, 2021, LA Rams offensive lineman Austin Corbett spoke about his TS story and the NFL’s My Cause My Cleats initiative to the team’s Youtube followers.

He learned about Turner Syndrome through the experiences of his cousin-in-law, Savannah. 

Inspired by “her strength and her fight that she shows everyday”, he decided to spread awareness about the genetic condition by creating cleats that represent the organization that she supports,TSF, and its cause. 

Corbett stated that he is “just honored to be able to represent her” as well as other members of the TS community with his cleats. 

Creating the Cleats

When creating a cleat design, he and Miguel “Miggz” Montenegro from the sneaker design Sneakers by Miggz and JJ kept in mind what Savannah would want the design to be. 

The final design therefore, Montenegro explained, incorporated her favorite colors-purple and blue-as well as butterflies, which were “what she loved”. It also included TSF’s logo, name, DNA strands and “It’s a girl thing” on the straps. 

When opening the cleats, Corbett loved them. 

“These turned out better than I thought man,” he remarked. “These are incredible, I mean, he’s such an incredible artist…and you know him, taking care of my cleats last year, and again this year and just trusting him, and his abilities…(I’m) just really just really pleased with his work!” 

After the Game the Cleats Will Be Auctioned

Corbett plans to wear the cleats on Friday, December 10th, when the LA Rams will face off against the New England Patriots with Savannah watching him.

After the game, the cleats will be auctioned off, with proceeds going towards our foundation and our efforts to help the TS community. 

“I appreciate this chance-I get to share this cause with so many people…just representing so many females in the field that are struggling with this. There’s not a lot of awareness about it, so if I just even bring, you know, a couple people just to look into Turner Syndrome and understand its symptoms and its struggles-I’m just happy,” he says.

About Turner Syndrome

Turner Syndrome (TS), is, as Corbett mentioned, a “chromosomal” condition that “only affects females-they’re born with only one x chromosome instead of two”. 

This can happen in two ways-either cells have a complete X chromosome missing or they have parts of it missing. 

TS can affect the one in 2000 women and girls in many, unique ways, which can be:

About the Turner Syndrome Foundation

Founded in 2008, the Turner Syndrome Foundation(TSF) helps the 1 in 2000 girls and their loved ones overcome the condition’s complex challenges. 

Learn about our initiatives. They include:

Turner Syndrome Foundation

Take Action Today!


There are many ways that you can be like Corbett and help support the TS community. 

Here are a few: 

Takeaway - What You Can Do Now

We are incredibly proud and grateful for Austin Corbett supporting Savannah and other members of the TS community with his cleats. Hopefully, this holiday season, you will do the same.

To the countless expert volunteers and supporters who have aided the TS community throughout the year, thank you! We couldn’t have spread awareness of our cause to Austin Corbett, the LA Rams, and the NFL fan base without you!  

This article was written by Elizabeth Rivera, TSF Blog Content Coordinator and edited by Susan Herman, TSF volunteer Primary Editor. 


We are thankful for TS awareness & all of your support!


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