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Ways to support turner syndrome research

Subscribe to our Blog!      The future of Turner syndrome research is in the hands of the patient community. The Turner Syndrome Foundation, in collaboration with Invitae Patient Insights Network (PIN), has established a TSRX PIN to assist the…

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Meet Others Like You! The 2023 X Factor Summer Bash

Subscribe to the Blog! Turner syndrome (TS) is a rare condition, and so it is easy for people with it to have the impression that they are alone. It can be difficult to find other people who share the same…

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Equity in Healthcare: How It Impacts Women with TS

Subscribe to our Blog! Note: This post contains sensitive information about reproductive health that may not be appropriate for younger audiences. Everyone’s journey with TS is different. Please consult with your health care provider(s) for guidance regarding your unique health…

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Turner Syndrome and Life Expectancy: Tips for Maintaining Longevity

We know that TS patients and their loved ones have a lot of questions about how TS can impact life expectancy. We at the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) recognize that this is a sensitive topic for those living with Turner…

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The Connection between Turner Syndrome and Autism

Is there a connection between Turner syndrome (TS) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Both conditions occur on a spectrum, which means they will vary greatly in how they present in patients. Is there a connection between the two conditions, though?…

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My Story/Voices of Infertility: My Little Miracle Man

The Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) My Story blog series highlights the experiences of individuals, families, and caregivers affected by Turner Syndrome (TS). Their stories have an incredible ability to inspire others and make a positive impact on the TS community. For…

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Turner Syndrome Awareness Month 2023: Let’s Keep the Momentum Going!

Well, Turner Syndrome Awareness Month (TSAM) 2023 is a wrap, and what a wonderful month it was! Throughout February, the TS community–patients, families, advocates, and medical professionals–came together to raise awareness for this rare condition. The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF)…

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Turner Syndrome & Verbal Skills: a Good-news Story!

We often hear a lot about the challenges of Turner syndrome (TS), which vary from patient to patient. But let’s make sure to look at the positives, too! One of those for individuals with TS is having above-average verbal skills….

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Turner Syndrome & Family History/Heredity

After a child receives a diagnosis of Turner Syndrome (TS), parents and caregivers are likely to have many questions regarding their child’s health and future. One common question is whether or not TS is hereditary or somehow preventable. While there…

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TSF Celebrates National Disability Awareness Month

March is National Disability Awareness Month. It is a time to celebrate the contributions of those with disabilities, including people who also have chronic conditions like Turner syndrome (TS). While TS is not in itself a disability, some individuals with…

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