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Communication is the cornerstone of effective care for Turner Syndrome patients and their caregivers. The Turner Syndrome Foundation has developed this site to assist allied health professionals with complex medical concepts. “In medicine we cannot always cure, but we can…


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Celebrating TS Moms

Celebrating TS Moms

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so we want to feature some of the amazing moms within the Turner Syndrome community. Thank you to all of the amazing moms who support the TS community!

celebrating TSF's volunteers

Celebrating TSF’s Volunteers

April is National Volunteer Month! As the month comes to a close, we want to highlight some of our amazing volunteers. TSF is primarily volunteer-led. We are grateful for the individuals who generously offer their time and talent to advance…

Turner Syndrome Community Haikus

Today we wanted to share some creativity from the Turner Syndrome community in honor of National Haiku Day. “Observed annually on April 17, National Haiku Poetry Day encourages all to try their hand in creativity. Haiku poetry is a form of Japanese poetry that is non-rhyming and…

Meet the TSF Blog Team

Meet the TSF Blog Team

One of the main aspects of the Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) mission is increasing awareness and education about Turner Syndrome (TS) and supporting the TS community. One of the ways TSF accomplishes this is through its blog, which you’re reading…

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How to Set Goals to Overcome Challenges

How to Set Goals to Overcome Challenges

Do you or a loved one have challenges due to having health conditions like TS? Have you ever struggled with overcoming your challenges or setting goals? This article will help you learn what goals are, a certain goal-based system that…

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how to call government officials

How To Call Government Officials Like A Pro

Calling your local government officials is a great way to spread awareness of your cause and fight for actionable change, but many people may not know how to do it, or why. This article will tell you everything you need…

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