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Communication is the cornerstone of effective care for Turner Syndrome patients and their caregivers. The Turner Syndrome Foundation has developed this site to assist allied health professionals with complex medical concepts. “In medicine we cannot always cure, but we can…


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Chidrens Flag Day

Children’s Spotlight: Wave a Flag for TS

June 14 is National Flag Day! Flags can be seen waving on front lawns, in hand during parades, and waving high above federal buildings. This gave us an idea! We thought of creating a Children’s Spotlight, a family-friendly activity for children…

Environmentally Friendly Ways To Promote TS Awareness & Fundraise

You can help members of the Turner Syndrome (TS) community and protect the environment at the same time. Learn more about environmentally friendly ways to promote TS awareness and how to support the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF), while also doing…

Thyroid Disorders in TS: The Definitive Guide

This post is based on the recent webinar by Dr. Schweiger on “Thyroid Disorders in Turner Syndrome.” It briefly highlights the two common thyroid-related autoimmune conditions, hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism, that greatly affect the Turner Syndrome community—hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Note: The…

balancing emotional wellbeing

Balancing Emotional Wellness

From time to time, we all need a little support to maintain emotional wellness. After months of sheltering in place, we must find balance in managing health and emotional wellness as we begin anew. WEBINAR TOPIC Balancing Emotional Wellness DATE…

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Turner Syndrome and Celiac Disease

The month of May has been dedicated to Celiac Disease Awareness. Increased awareness of both Turner Syndrome (TS) and celiac disease is critically important. Celiac disease is more prevalent in those with TS, so it is vital that patients, their…

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My Story: Never Stop Fighting

As part of its monthly My Story series, the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) highlights individuals affected by Turner Syndrome (TS). Meet Kym, a TSF volunteer from NJ who will never stop fighting for increased awareness and earlier diagnosis. Note: Everyone’s journey…

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