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Make a gift today to increase the capacity to improve lives of girls and women with Turner Syndrome, as well as their families and healthcare providers. Your gift today is a promise for better tomorrows. GIVE TODAY  

Health Care Provider

Communication is the cornerstone of effective care for Turner Syndrome patients and their caregivers. The Turner Syndrome Foundation has developed this site to assist allied health professionals with complex medical concepts. “In medicine we cannot always cure, but we can…


Cognition is a term referring to the mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension. These processes include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging and problem-solving. These are higher-level functions of the brain and encompass language, imagination, perception, and planning. Information about…

Latest Articles

In-kind donations: multiply your impact!

Donated goods and services can have a major impact for TSF!

A New Way to Give!

The stock market is up! Giving Stocks, Bonds, or ETF Shares To Turner Syndrome Foundation is a smart way to increase your gift – and your tax deduction. 

From a Father’s Heart

Why a Father Supports Turner Syndrome Foundation

TSF at the NJ Marathon!

TSF will be joining the 2018 New Jersey Marathon on April 28th & 29th for support and awareness of all those girls & women affected by Turner Syndrome. Will you join?

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Medical Providers Referral

Referral for Turner Syndrome health, learning, research, and other related service or material. Resource shared should benefit the care and outcomes of girls and women with Turner Syndrome. Help us grow our list of knowledgeable and compassionate resources.

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Visual Issues in Turner Syndrome Girls

About 35% of patients diagnosed with TS have multiple visual deficits. This story reveals the importance of receiving a comprehensive ophthalmological examination.

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