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Gordon McKernan Leverages NIL Partnerships to Raise $10,000 for Turner Syndrome Research

“Gordon McKernan Leverages NIL Partnerships to Raise $10,000 for Turner Syndrome Research” –  NewsWires 2023.03.23

“Student Workers: The Turner Syndrome Foundation” – The Outlook, Monmouth University, March 17, 2021

“Turner Syndrome Foundation Commemorates 11 Years of Awareness” – Atlantic Highlands Herald, January 31, 2021

Turner Syndrome, a Complex Chromosomal Disorder in Females“- Atlantic Highlands Herald, October 2019, 2020

Turner Syndrome Foundation Honored as Top-Rated Nonprofit” – Asbury Park Press, November 9, 2017

The ‘Miracle Women’ of Turner Syndrome“- Asbury Park Press, February 7, 2017

“Toms River mother helps to raise awareness about Turner Syndrome”- Observer Reporter, February 11, 2021

This printed article features Lori Kobular and her daughter Julie. It was created using the press release template linked below.

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How to Raise Awareness with a Press Release

Press releases can be submitted to any news outlet to make an announcement, share a unique story, or highlight an interesting fact. When published by a news source of any size, whether on digital or print media, there is the opportunity for so many people to learn about Turner Syndrome! Creating a press release is free marketing that can generate a lot of publicity.  Here are some occasions on which you might submit your story:

    1. To celebrate a special milestone like birth, graduation, etc. Remember, individuals with Turner Syndrome beat the odds just by being born! That is a story worth telling!
    2. To share an event that you organized to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome, either to invite others to attend or just spread the word about your event.
    3. To highlight exceptional effort to make a difference for Turner Syndrome. Maybe you volunteered with TSF or raised funds to support our mission. You could tell that story so maybe others in your community would feel compelled to get involved!
    4. To share a connection you made within the TS community, like having a meetup with someone else locally.

How to Write a Press Release

To write a press release, all you really need to do is write down (or type out) the story you want to tell. Remember to write in the third-person unless you are including a direct quote from yourself or someone else, and try to keep it to 300 or 400 words. You may want to include:

    • Facts about TS, and a link to TSF’s website so that people know how to learn more and get involved
    • A headline, an angle, and a lead paragraph to summarize the announcement
    • 3 to 4 body paragraphs

For Awareness Month we have created a press release template that you can easily personalize with your story! Download the template below. Please email to let us know if you plan to write a press release.

There are many excellent online resources to learn more about writing a press release, such as:

How to Submit a Press Release

When submitting a press release, we suggest focusing on local news sources that cover activities happening in your community. You can search for the news outlets near you online, and then find out how to contact them. Typically, you can contact them in one of two ways:

  1. Complete an online contact form
  2. Send emails directly to journalists

If you are able to send emails directly to journalists, you should focus on those with an interest in topics like yours. For example, you might contact journalists who focus on community events, health, or charity.

More information about how to submit press releases, and email templates you can use, can be found these online sources:

If you write a press release and it is published by your local news source, we would love to share this accomplishment! Please email to let us know.

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