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Impact Lives With Your Gift

Precious lives are changed when progress is made. You can impact lives with your gift of support.

Putting Your Giving Account Charitable Dollars to Work

A direct donor-advised fund, or DAF, is a philanthropic vehicle for individuals, families and businesses, providing a means to donate cash, publicly-traded stock, and, in some cases certain liquid assets, to a public charity. It allows the donor to make a charitable contribution to the Turner Syndrome Foundation and receive an immediate tax benefit.

Your Direct Donor Advised Fund makes it easy to give the gift of hope and a bright future to the girls and women who desperately need your help. You have already committed to providing long term support for your favorite charities by establishing a fund, but did you know that only 21.5 percent of the charitable contributions deposited in a donor advised fun are actually distributed to charity each year?

When you’re deciding how and what to contribute, be sure to consider all the options. Yes, you can always give cash, but making non-cash contributions may reduce your taxes, increase your charitable contributions, and be a smarter way to give.

How Can I Have More to Give to Charity?

Donate appreciated assets to your Schwab Charitable™or other donor advised  account so that you can give more to your favorite charities while also paying less in taxes.
Let’s say you own stock with a current value of $55,000, which you purchased for $5,000. Over the years, the stock has accrued $50,000 in long-term capital gains.†

With a direct donation to a Schwab Charitable donor-advised fund account or your other advised account, your income taxes are reduced by an additional $3,700 and the charity receives $10,000 more:

You Hold a Girl's Future in Your Hands

Will you join TSF in creating hope and possibilities for these precious girls? Please consider including Turner Syndrome FOUNDATION in your giving plans this year. Click the DAF Direct image and begin the process of investing in her future. Contact: philanthropy@tsfusa.org

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