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TSF’s “WE Learn” webinars provide high-quality, timely information on topics most important to individuals diagnosed with and caring for those with Turner Syndrome. We’re happy to bring these insightful and educational resources to you freely, on-demand! To view a past webinar recording, click the image of the webinar you would like to view. Your registration will help us discover which topics are of greatest interest to our community. Thank you!

Research Updates & Opportunities

Webinar TSRX
TSRX.US Global Registry for TS
Participating in Turner Syndrome Research
Biobanking: Research Opportunity Explained
Biobanking: Research Opportunity Explained
Webinar Cardiovascular Blood Vessels
Cardiovascular & Blood Vessel Research

Clinical Presentations


Understanding and diagnosing Turner syndrome
Understanding & Diagnosing TS
Cardiovascular Care
Webinar Diabetes Risk & Research
Diabetes Diagnosis, Management & Research
Estrogen Replacement Therapy Webinar
Estrogen Replacement Therapy in Turner Syndrome
Clinical Care Guidelines Review
Discussing Infertility Webinar
Discussing Infertility
Webinar Diabetes
Living with Diabetes
Reproductive Issues and Options
Cardiovascular Health in TS
The Impact of Vision on Safety and Function
Thyroid Disorders in TS
Autoimmunity and Immune Dysregulation
Family Planning Webinar
Choosing Your Journey Family Planning
Anxiety: Healthy Coping Strategies
webinar- fertility preservation
Fertility Preservation in Girls with TS
Growth Hormone in TS


The Science of Reading
Transitioning from High School
The Rights of Students in School
College Prep Webinar
College 101
Cognitive Impact of TS
The Cognitive Impact of TS
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Peer Support

Adoption 101: From My Experience
Parenting a Child with TS
Building a Relationship with your Pediatrician
Peer Chat with Dr. Roper

Take Action

Webinar- volunteers making a difference
Volunteers Making a Difference
Your Role in Legislative Advocacy
Your Role in Legislative Advocacy


Hearing Loss: Accessing Support
Bacchioni, Paul Financial Wellness
Financial Wellness
Webiner Pfizer Insurance Reimbursement
Insurance and Reimbursement
Webinar Workplace Rights
Workplace Rights
The Conflict Resolution Solution
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