Webinar Presenter Proposal Submission

We organize a monthly webinar series in which a guest speaker gives a presentation on a topic related to Turner Syndrome. The webinar series is a resource for women, girls, and caregivers to be equipped and empowered to navigate the challenges of life with Turner Syndrome.

This can include a variety of topics such as mental and physical health, education, finances, advocacy, lifestyle, and more. Each presenter must have personal or professional experience to inform their presentation. Additionally, each presentation should address an aspect of life that directly affects those who have Turner Syndrome but may also be applicable outside of the TS community.

If you believe that you have personal or professional experience that would make for a robust and informative webinar, please submit the form below and we will consider your topic. Availability is subject to our currently scheduled webinars, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs. If we feel the topic is not suited for a webinar, we may offer another opportunity to share your presentation content through another resource we provide.

Do you know someone else who is an expert on a topic that would benefit women and girls who have Turner Syndrome? 

Refer them to this form!

"It was a pleasure working with you and your team. The webinar process was seamless, and you were really helpful in answering my questions and managing all of the tech. I would encourage future collaborators to participate and be a part of this incredible community."
Paula Azouri Glashausser
Medical Social Worker, Webinar Presenter

Examples of past webinar topics:

    • Accessing Support for Hearing Loss
    • Healthy Coping Strategies for Anxiety
    • Parenting a Child who has Turner Syndrome
    • Advocating for your Child in School
    • Contributing to Research through Biobanking
    • Family Planning

Highly sought-after topics to learn about:

    • Cardiac Health
    • Reproductive Health
    • Growth Hormone Therapy
    • Estrogen Replacement Therapy
    • Financial Support for Health Care- Insurance, Grants, etc.
    • Employment
    • Nonverbal Learning Disabilities in School
    • Navigating Transition to College
    • Diabetes Prevention and Management
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