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Turner Syndrome Foundation hosts monthly webinars as a way to further the access to information for Turner Syndrome patients and caregivers. We invite professionals and experts to speak on a number of topics that are important to you!

Learn about upcoming webinars and access the recordings of past webinars.

Upcoming Webinar:

webinar cardiovascular health

After reviewing congenital heart and blood vessel problems that are more common in people with Turner Syndrome, Dr. Prakash will discuss recommendations for screening and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

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Past Webinars

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Autoimmunity and Immune Dysregulation in Turner Syndrome
Presented by Roopa Kanakatti Shanar, MBBS, MS
Dr. Roopa Kanakatti Shankar discusses Autoimmunity and Immune Dysregulation in those who have Turner Syndrome. Understand the evidence on immune dysregulation and inflammation in TS as well as the propensity for autoimmune diseases in TS.

The Science of Reading
Presented by Sharon Shary, Reading Specialist
In this webinar, Sharon discusses the science of reading and the reasons behind several reading challenges. Then, she provides strategies to overcome these challenges at home and in school.

Growth Hormone in Turner Syndrome
Presented by Dr. Mary Gwyn Roper
Learn all about growth hormone- its history, what it is, how it works, and why it is commonly used for TS patients. Understand potential benefits and risks of the treatment, and learn the answers to many frequently asked questions such as the timing of GHT.

The Impact of Vision on Daily Safety and Function
Presented by Megan Edwards Collins, Ph.D, OTR/L, CAPS
In this webinar, Dr. Collins discusses several common visual deficits and their impact on daily safety and function. She also provides some strategies to overcome these deficits from an Occupational Therapy perspective. She then discusses vision & driving, among other topics.

The Conflict Resolution Solution
Presented by Janet Pfeiffer, Pfeiffer Power Seminars
Conflict exists in every aspect of daily life, and in this webinar, you will learn strategies to resolve any conflict peacefully. These simple steps can be applied to any situation and are appropriate for people of all ages. Some topics discussed include controlling emotions, diffusing a bully, knowing when to walk away from a conflict, and more.

Anxiety: Healthy Coping Strategies
Presented by Paula Glashausser, LCSW, ACM
In this webinar, learn about anxiety, the signs and symptoms, when to seek care, and the types of professional care that are available. Also learn about and experience several healthy coping strategies that you can do on your own at home or when in a situation that induces anxiety.

Hearing Loss: Accessing Support
Presented by Jaclyne Pallies, Sign Language interpretation provided by Melissa Jenkins
A common challenge for women and girls who have Turner Syndrome, hearing loss has implications in every aspect of life. Learn from a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Expert and Advocate about your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act, how to learn about state-specific policies, resources to support you, and tips to navigate a variety of social situations.

Your Role in Legislative Advocacy
Presented by Kayvon Paul and Dana Bozym, March 7, 2020
Women and girls across the nation are affected by Turner Syndrome. From health care, challenges in school and work, and financial burden, TS has a complex impact on each person. One of the most effective ways to bring about solutions that will benefit every woman and girl is through public policy. It is up to each of us to voice our concerns to our nation’s leaders, and our guest speakers will teach you how.

Taking Action this Awareness Month
Presented by Heather Benoit and Jan Hagland, January 9, 2020
February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month and TSF has a variety of things planned that you can participate in to make the most of your awareness efforts! Join us for the webinar to learn about ways you can get involved.

Adoption 101: From My Experience
Presented by Rachel Girratano, November 13, 2019
Rachel shares her and her husband’s adoption story. She explains what it took to grow her family and adopt their son, including insights from the process and tips for various steps along the way.

Peer Support: Parenting a Child with Turner Syndrome
Presented by Leisa Jenkins, October 17, 2019
When her daughter was recently diagnosed with TS, Leisa became her best advocate. Now she wants to share her story and lessons learned with you, so you can learn from her experience. Leisa discusses important topics like finding care, educating your doctors, the positive impact volunteering can have on your daughter, and shifting your mindset.

TS Research Opportunity: Explained!
Presented by Sherryann Wert, M.A. of Coriell Institute for Medical Research, September 26, 2019
Sherryann Wert of Coriell Institute for Medical Research walks you through an easy and effective way to influence TS research! The NIGMS Human Genetic Cell Repository provides scientists around the world with resources for cell and genetic research. Scientists access the Repository to find new genes, study how cells function, and develop new ways to diagnose, treat, and possibly prevent genetic diseases.

Choosing Your Journey: A Discussion on Family Planning
Presented by Dr. Gwen Quinn & Meghan S., July 18, 2019
Join Dr. Gwen Quinn and Meghan as they discuss fertility and family planning for women with TS. Dr. Quinn is the Livia Wan Endowed Chair, Vice Chair of Research in the Department of OB-GYN, Professor in Population Health and the Center for Medical Ethics at the New York University School of Medicine. Meghan is living with TS and is happy to share her journey to becoming a family through adoption.

Building a Relationship with Your Pediatrician
Presented by Dr. Alexis Capozzoli, June 20, 2019
Dr. Capozzoli shares the important information to share with your doctor at every life stage. As Dr. Capozzoli states, your doctor may have never taken care of a child with TS, and it’s up to you to advocate for your loved one!

Peer Chat with Dr. Mary Gwyn Roper
Presented by Dr. Mary Gwyn Roper, May 30, 2019
Join Dr. Roper as she shares her experience as both an endocrinologist treating girls with TS and a woman with TS seeking adult care. This webinar touches on socialization, hearing, eye health, bone health, fertility preservation, and more!

Own Your Truth: How To Get Clear On Your Own Message to Inspire Others
Presented by Kristi Monte, February 12, 2019
Gain the confidence to live an authentic life! Podcast & Instagram personality, Kristi, was on the path to a career in education. Then she learned to use her voice and own her truth to find a new path.

Mother and Daughter Heart-to-Heart
Presented by Becky & Stella, February 9, 2019
Mother and daughter share practical and motivational tips for traversing their way through living with Turner Syndrome, including the special bond between a mother and daughter. They discuss common complexities of adolescence.

Rights of Students with Turner Syndrome in a School Setting
Presented by Fitzgerald & Sadove, PLLC, November 7, 2018
Learn about the rights of girls who have Turner Syndrome in a school setting and strategies for accessing support services.

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