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Laura Fasciano
Director and Founding President

Determined to make a difference in the lives of individuals with Turner Syndrome through education, research and support, I founded this organization to advocate for a randomly acquired and complex condition affecting women. Precious lives, families and communities are struggling for answers. Learn more about the Vision for Turner Syndrome.


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Monica Bobadilla
Health Initiatives

Being an intern during my undergraduate studies, and having the opportunity to work at TSF after graduation, solidified my long-desired pursuit of a career in medicine. Being directly involved in the different aspects of a Turner Syndrome patient, and serving as a vessel that facilitated information and resources to improve the quality of life of these individuals, has been a privilege and an immensely rewarding experience. Returning, now as a third year medical student, I still carry the desire to be a part of a community whose goal is to save and improve lives. To achieve this, it is crucial that patients, families and health professionals come together as a team and work hand in hand. My goal is to create these connections and facilitate evidence-based, up-to- date information. This would ensure that patients remain in control of their health, having at hand the necessary resources and knowledge to advocate for their well-being. Additionally, health professionals will provide optimal and effective care at all stages of life that this multidisciplinary condition entails.

Janis Elwell
Patient Registry Coordinator

I have the pleasure of receiving the many patient registries submitted to the Turner Syndrome Foundation from numerous adult women and caregivers of young children, as well as expectant families. Individuals submit their contact information, experiences of their journey with TS, and are asked about their questions and concerns. My role on the team is to invest in these relationships to forge an alliance of community, care and support. Engaging with clients provides the greatest insight to the unmet needs of all people affected by TS. While we do not have all of the answers, my goal is to provide the greatest care.


Steven G. Carr
Strategic Planning Manager

Over the past six years I have handled media planning for a number of brands and gained deep knowledge of various media.  I have always wanted to leverage this experience to help shine a light on a worthy cause and found an opportunity to do so at TSF.  In this role I hope to increase awareness of the foundation and grow the network for both patients and medical professionals; bringing the great work this team does and resources they provide to a larger audience.

Kayla M. Ganger, PA-C
Professional Membership Liaison

Kayla graduated from Houghton College with a BS in Biology and then completed a Master of Health Science through Lock Haven University PA program. She has worked as an NCCPA board certified PA-C at Family Practice Center in New Cumberland PA since 2019. She enjoys caring for patients holistically and how the complexity of family medicine involves all areas of the patient’s health. Kayla is currently a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants, Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants, and Pi Alpha, the National Honor Society for Physician Assistants. She is also a professional member of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Interestingly, she also has a publication on protein levels in freshwater fish in Ecology and Evolution. Kayla is thankful for the work that TSF does on behalf of the TS community and is happy to join them in their cause. 

Kayla Ganger

Catherine Melman-Kenny
Blog Coordinator

Legislative Advocacy Coordinator

My goals for my work here include expanding legislative and public awareness of Turner Syndrome and in advocating for legislation that will increase necessary aid, awareness, and accommodations for members of the TS community.  Catherine is poised as a lead debater, researcher and writer to rally support for nationwide advocacy.

Jai-Ru Lai
Research Associate

I am currently located in Maryland, and find myself dedicated to applying data mining and research skills to search for related data from online data sources and research papers, and compile information to support further research and information sharing. I really appreciate the chance to work here and I hope to gain some insightful outcomes which would be meaningful to people around the world. 

Research Staff

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