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Turner Syndrome Foundation’s Staff

Laura Fasciano
Director and Founding President

Determined to make a difference in the lives of individuals with Turner Syndrome through education, research and support, I founded this organization to advocate for a randomly acquired and complex condition affecting women. Precious lives, families and communities are struggling for answers. Learn more about the Vision for Turner Syndrome.


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Program Development

Liz Carmines
Program Development

My work at TSF involves maintaining and developing the many programs and resources we offer for those affected by Turner Syndrome. Advocacy and awareness are cornerstones of my role in order to improve health outcomes for women and girls with Turner Syndrome. Please reach out to me if you are interested in fundraising, organizing a community event, or becoming a volunteer. Together, we can make a difference in our community and our world.

Social Media Coordinator

Kierstyn Holly
Communications Coordinator

As a current student of Communications with a concentration in Public Relations/Journalism at Monmouth University, I am so excited to work with the Turner Syndrome Foundation. As the Communications Coordinator, I intend to encourage and support those with Turner Syndrome and help those who must have a better understanding. Every individual deserves to have their voice be heard. My role at the Foundation is to advocate for this cause and let the stories of those living with TS be known.


Elizabeth Rivera
Blog Content Coordinator

Hi! I am a junior Sociology and Anthropology student at Stockton University, and I am very grateful for this opportunity! As a TSF blog writer, my job is to research, write, and edit articles that resonate with TSF’s mission, the TS community, and the general public. Thus, with my posts, I help spread TS awareness, aid the TS community with overcoming their challenges, and inspire both people in and outside of the TS community to advocate for more TS awareness, research, and legal protections!

Annabella Marte

Annabella Marte
Community Outreach

As a current student of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business at Monmouth University, I am so grateful to work with the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Through working primarily in community outreach, my goal is to continue to help those with Turner Syndrome not only have access to resources and any information that may be essential to them, but also maintain a connection with them and enable them to feel safe and heard. In my role I will continue to advocate for those who are affected by Turner Syndrome to build and maintain community support.

Kayla Kennedy

Kayla Kennedy
Press Coordinator

I am a junior at Monmouth University studying communications, and I am so grateful for this opportunity! I empathize a lot with those who have Turner Syndrome because I also suffer from a medical condition with no cure, epilepsy. Since I was diagnosed, the one thing I’ve done for myself and other people out there with epilepsy was advocate. Advocacy is the best way to bring light on a situation and inform people. With my new role, I will advocate for the Turner Syndrome community, educating the public on this condition and the roles they can also take to help. 

Ameka Yawson

Ameka Yawson
Program Assistant

Hi! I was born in Liberia and came to America with my family in 2004. I’m the last of seven kids and also the first in my family to go to college. Currently, I’m a junior studying sociology at Monmouth University.  It’s always been a passion of mine to make a difference in the world and to find my purpose. I believe the Turner Syndrome Foundation is going to help me achieve my goals but most importantly give me the opportunity to help others in my community who may be impacted by Turner Syndrome. I’m truly honored to be working for the Turner Syndrome Foundation and to expand my knowledge on the condition.


Rowan Elrais
Education Initiatives

Hello everyone! My name is Rowan Elrais, I am a junior at Monmouth University, and I am in the 5-year program for Special Education. I’m excited to begin working with the Turner Syndrome Foundation on new educational initiatives and becoming an advocate for the lives that are affected by Turner Syndrome. I hope to extend the work I’ve done for people with disabilities of all ages through the TSF! My overall goal is to increase awareness of this foundation and assist in building a stronger community!


Amelia Fischer
Data Analysis & Maintenance

I enjoy volunteering my time with the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Applying myself is rewarding and keeps me in tune with current technologies. Coming here, I get the satisfaction of giving back to my communityand at the same time making new friends in a pleasant office environment. 


Kelsey Picciano
Professional Membership Program Development

I recently finished my Masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies, a career path I chose with the aim of becoming a PA in OBGYN/Women’s Health. I have worked with extremely diverse communities in various hospitals across the tri-state area. My health care background and passion for advocacy provide me the opportunity to educate people on Turner Syndrome from a unique perspective.

Komal Prem

Dr. Komal Prem
Health Columnist

I have a very strong scientific background, with a B.S. and M.S. in engineering and an M.D., and I currently work as a clinical pharmacologist in a biotech company. I love the opportunity to provide support to young girls with Turner’s to show them that even with these medical issues, there is light at the end of the tunnel and they can live full, productive, engaging, and successful lives!

Woman with Turner Syndrome

Susan Herman, Blog Writer and Editor

Gaby Lamdagan, Social Media and Fundraising

Reyn Kenyon, Blog Writer

Dhruvi Patel, Blog Writer


Lauren Baranyay, Business Collaborations

Krishna Chinnasamy, Event Planning

Michael Cooney, Policy Research

Taylor Moore, Professional Membership Program Planning

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