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In Kind Donations

in kind donations

TSF is grateful when donors think of us with this form of philanthropy. Only tangible goods can be deducted from taxable income; services and time are in-kind donations but cannot be deducted. We gladly accepts gifts in-kind that are needed and directly support our mission.

To better assist you, please complete the brief form below and a donation officer will contact you to process your gift.  TSF is grateful for community support and reserves the right to refuse any gift that is not consistent with the mission and goals of the foundation.

    • Our greatest need is for gift cards and gift certificates
    • Items for girls and women
    • Computer equipment
    • Office supplies, postage
    • Raffle items

In kind raffle items can help TSF stand out and encourage new donors to support this important cause! Read more about the impact of your in kind donation and the benefits it offers to your company.

Please complete the in kind donation form below. You will be contacted by a TSF representative to review the donation and to arrange delivery. Contact Us for assistance. Thank you!

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