Turner syndrome education resources can dramatically improve education outcomes for students. Turner Syndrome impacts development and is characterized by a variety of physical implications and learning issues which can include deficits in visuospatial organization, social cognition and math abilities. Issues with focus and attention deficit disorders, including ADD or ADHD, are frequently diagnosed. While some are diagnosed at birth or prenatally, over one third of girls with TS are diagnosed in mid-childhood and adolescence.  Early diagnosis and treatment are vital to successful outcomes for girls with TS.

It is essential that educators be knowledgeable about the condition and prepared to consult with school nursing staff for possible referral for diagnosis and clinical oversight.  It is equally essential that educators be informed about the cognitive issues likely to have an impact in the classroom and be prepared to collaborate with school psychologists to maximize educational outcomes. Interventions may include speech therapy, often due to dental issues.

Lastly, it is crucial that school nurses and school psychologists have current information about TS and be aware of the potential impact that TS has in their respective fields.

The webinar- “The Cognitive Impact of Turner Syndrome” with Dr. Ilyse O’Desky explains how TS affects individuals in cognitive functioning. It also explains strategies to develop cognitive skills.

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