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Turner Syndrome impacts development; it is characterized by a variety of physical implications and potential learning issues which can include deficits in visuospatial organization, social cognition and math abilities. Issues with focus and attention deficit disorders, including ADD or ADHD, are also frequently diagnosed. While some are diagnosed at birth or prenatally, over one third of girls with TS are initially diagnosed in mid-childhood and adolescence and are already in the school setting. It is essential that teachers and education professionals, school nurses, school psychologists and social workers be knowledgeable about TS.  And, most important, parents need to know how TS may impact their child’s academic success and identify ways to enhance the learning experience.

Parents must partner with education professionals and be informed about the cognitive issues likely to have an impact in the classroom and social issues likely to have an impact on the playground. Teachers may be the first to identify academic issues coupled with physical indications and may consult with the school nursing staff for possible referral for diagnosis and clinical oversight. School nurses must have current information about TS to provide compassionate and appropriate medical care if needed and be informed about possible interventions including physical therapy and speech therapy. Knowledgeable school psychologists provide support for developmental and behavioral concerns typically associated with TS and can advocate for regular screenings and neuropsychological assessments, classroom accommodations if needed, and the implementation of evidence-based interventions.  Social workers can mediate the needs of the learner, educational professionals and family to create a working plan for fostering the well-being and academic success of girls with TS. An informed team collaborates under the leadership of school administrators to maximize educational outcomes.

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