Help Us Raise Awareness in Every State!

Our goal for 2020’s February Awareness Month is a big one- we want to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome in every state! We hope that outreach to communities across the country can develop so that women and girls in every corner can see that there is support available to them!

There are several actions you can take to help us with this goal, but let’s jump straight to the most important one for now:

An awareness event in EVERY state

That’s right, our goal for 2020 is to see an event happening in every state throughout the month of February. Any event, big or small, that has a focus on TS awareness will take us one step closer to our goal! Join us this February by hosting an event in your state, or teaming up with others in the community to co-plan an event. A great way to meet others to collaborate with is via our state Facebook pages.

Planning an event can be simple. Here are some ideas:

…and, the list goes on! The options are endless, and many take very little organizing. Don’t let your state be left out in this year’s Awareness Month! Help us start 2020 strong by raising awareness in every state!

 Keep reading to find out how we can support you, and learn about an extra perk of organizing an Awareness Event.

So... how exactly do I host an Awareness Event?

We are so glad you asked! Once you decide to plan an event, let us know on our website so we can work with you on planning and add it to our calendar and map to inform others to save the date. We will send you all the materials you need for outreach like posters, social media images, information pamphlets, and more, so you are equipped to raise that awareness! Be sure to follow along on Facebook to see our progress.

If your state already has an awareness event planned for February, please don’t let that stop you- the more the merrier! Or, consider teaming up with the event organizer to develop your state’s event even further.

The more events and the more awareness we can raise, the better!

You could WIN some TSF merchandise!

As if raising awareness of TS and connecting with the community aren’t enough incentive, the first event organizer who registers will automatically receive some TSF merchandise to rock at their event. Plus, one other lucky event organizer will also win some merch! By registering as the event organizer you will be entered into a random prize drawing. The winner will be drawn at the end of January, and the items will be shipped to you, on us.

Feb events
Help us add some color to the map by registering your event! Let's see which states fill up first!

What are you waiting for? Plan your awareness event today!

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