Follow the TSF Facebook page for your state!

If you didn’t already know, TSF has a page for all 50 states! These pages exist so that people in every state can connect and follow local updates. If you are looking to meet other people with TS or find resources this is a great place to start. On the Facebook page you can also find out about ways to support our mission!

All of the pages are public so that anyone can be involved in the conversation. Each page has a moderator who will post updates from TSF and serve as the point of contact for that state. Additionally, if you have any questions about TS, send the page the message and the moderator will send you a response.

Another great part of the state pages is the opportunity to share your story. We love to hear what is happening with TS women and girls! Feel free to share updates through the page’s messages. This could be celebrations, good news, or requests for support, for example. The moderator may ask to share your update on the page so others can celebrate with you and support you.

Follow the main TSF Facebook page first to ensure you keep up with our news and updates. You can find the Facebook page for your state by typing in the search bar “TSF (your state)”, such as “TSF New Jersey.” Be sure to send a message saying hello to the moderator, she will be happy to hear from you!

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