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If you’re still deciding which organization you plan to support this giving season, let our community show you why Turner Syndrome Foundation is the right choice!

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When my daughter, Julie, was born with Turner Syndrome we had never heard of it before. We found that most of the doctors we took Julie to see had never seen a Turner Syndrome patient before and so they could not answer a lot of our questions. That is where the Turner Syndrome Foundation has come into being a major asset to our family in answering medical, behavioral, intellectual and social questions. Without this organization families would be left in the dark and not understand that certain medical issues and behavioral issue are due to the missing X chromosome. For my family it was good to learn that we were not alone in our search for answers, and that TSF was able to tell us the connection to the missing X chromosome and to provide names of doctors who could help us find answers. TSF is a vital tool in helping us to understand and navigate through the TS issues.

-Lori, mom, Board Member, and fundraiser

A couple years ago I was looking to get more involved with the TS community, and I couldn’t be happier or more grateful that I came across the Turner Syndrome Foundation. From the start I have felt apart of such a loving, caring community, I am in awe of all the hard work everyone involved with the Foundation contributes in terms of advocacy, raising awareness, research initiatives, and making sure that every girl and woman affected by TS has the best quality of life possible. 

-Sarah, volunteer

My name is Kathryn and I am the mother of a 23 year-old young lady named Brooke. Living in Maine and having a daughter diagnosed with TS has had its share of obstacles. Being a pretty rural state, we struggled to find any support anywhere. As parents, we tried reaching out to other TS programs; however, we were really aiming to find one close to home. The closest organization was located in New Jersey. I reached out to Laura (founder and president of TSF) who immediately (along with her staff) welcomed our family with open arms! Since 2011 or so, we have been building our relationship with the TSF! They have helped us gain awareness in Maine where we now have February recognized as Turner syndrome Awareness Month and now, my daughter Brooke and I are co-hosting a podcast called “Butterfly Pod-Talking Turner Syndrome” where we are sharing stories of so many beautiful TS ladies both in Maine and now, stretching into New Hampshire! The TSF has been a HUGE support! We are beyond grateful to call them “Family”!

-Kathryn, mom, volunteer, and donor

I became involved with Turner Syndrome Foundation when I was involved with many young ladies in a pediatric endocrinology clinic. I was so impressed, as a nurse, that TSF offers education, at no charge, for patients, parents, educators, and health care providers. There is so much information available on the web site to support the families of these ladies, young or aging.

-Rosemary, Board Member and donor

I must admit out of any other educational sights on TS, the Foundation I find it personally the best. There’s always a person on the other end trying to help you in anyway they can, and it’s very much appreciated. I’d definitely recommend the Foundation if you need any form of help. 

-Jean, supporter

These stories represent just a handful of the thousands of families we serve everyday through our programs, resources, and events. With your support, we can continue raising awareness, educating families, and building community. Donate to TSF now to help more families like these receive the support they need.

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