Rally Together For TS with CATS!

turner syndrome awareness month

     Imagine just how many things you have to keep track of on a daily basis. Groceries, laundry, meetings, emails, and at this time of year, holiday shopping. Everything takes time, energy, and money, but for individuals and families…

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Kick-Off the Holiday Card Auction

Looking for an easy way to support the Turner syndrome community and get ready for the holidays? The Turner Syndrome Greeting Card Sale is here! The variety of holiday cards for the autumn and winter holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,…

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Teaming Up for TS: Thank You to the Dream Team of Donors!

For Turner Syndrome Awareness Month in February, the LSU Women’s Basketball Team and their partners at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys organized the Playing for a Purpose fundraiser to support TS Awareness and share our mission, during which Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys donated $20…

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Powerfully Impacting the TS Community: Legislative Advocacy

Rally for Medical Research

     There are many ways to get involved in awareness and work within the Turner syndrome (TS) community. Legislative advocacy is a very important part of that work, as it allows us to communicate directly with our federal, state,…

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Meet Others Like You! The 2023 X Factor Summer Bash

Subscribe to the Blog! Turner syndrome (TS) is a rare condition, and so it is easy for people with it to have the impression that they are alone. It can be difficult to find other people who share the same…

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Volunteers Drive Our Success

Each April, we celebrate National Volunteer Week and Global Volunteer Month. Nonprofits, especially small organizations like the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF), rely heavily on volunteers to carry out their missions. We at TSF are so grateful for our volunteers; we…

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What School Psychologists Need To Know About Students with Turner Syndrome

Students with Turner syndrome (TS) often have special needs in the classroom. Some experience nonverbal learning disorder (NVLD), social anxiety, or other challenges. School psychologists are in a unique position to nurture these students’ strengths and support them in their…

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Turner Syndrome Awareness Month 2023: Let’s Keep the Momentum Going!

Well, Turner Syndrome Awareness Month (TSAM) 2023 is a wrap, and what a wonderful month it was! Throughout February, the TS community–patients, families, advocates, and medical professionals–came together to raise awareness for this rare condition. The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF)…

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Turner Syndrome Care Around the World

Throughout the years, the amount of available resources, treatments and educational material about Turner syndrome (TS) has steadily increased. TS is gaining much more attention in the medical field, with new research and more recognition around the world than in…

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Welcome to Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! What Are YOU Doing To Raise Awareness?

Welcome to Turner Syndrome Awareness Month (TSAM) 2023! The Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF) has so many fun and impactful ways to get involved and raise awareness! We asked about your plans to raise awareness this month, and here’s what you…

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