Sell on eBay and Support TSF

eBay makes it easy to support TSF through charitable giving!

Selling used items on eBay has always been a go-to for people trying to clean out clutter. Now, it can also be your go-to when you’re looking to make donations to support women and girls who have Turner Syndrome!

When you choose TSF as the charity you’d like to support on eBay, you can select a certain percentage of the proceeds to be automatically donated to us. There is even the added perk of having a portion of your seller fees refunded once the sale is complete. Each donation is also tax-deductible, so the benefits really make it worthwhile! By selling on eBay to support us, you may gain the peace of mind of knowing that you have helped a good cause, and that you have cleaned out some clutter while putting extra cash in your pocket. It’s a win-win!

Every listing will have a charity ribbon so that buyers know that their purchase will support a good cause. This might even help you move your items faster! Visit TSF’s eBay for Charity page to get started by clicking the button below. Every donation counts, and they are much appreciated!

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