New Merchandise- the Story Behind the Designs

We are so excited for the launch of new merchandise to show Turner Syndrome Pride! The items feature unique designs with symbols commonly associated with TS. They are available on a variety of products from hats to blankets to sweatshirts and more! There is something for everyone in the family, and this is a great opportunity to get ahead on holiday shopping.

Learn about the story behind the designs from their creator, Frankie of, below.

Here’s some of what is available:

About the Designs

As part of my Graphic Communication degree, I was challenged to find solutions using creative problem-solving for fictional companies. I located the Catchafire site that connected professionals who want to donate their time and skills to non-profit organizations. It was on that site that I found a request from Turner Syndrome Foundation for apparel design. It was the organization description that sparked my curiosity and interest—I had never heard of Turner Syndrome before.

For research I reviewed many government health pages, read the history from its discovery in 1938, current statistics that state it affects 1:2000 females, and symbolism associated with TS support. I also researched the designs currently being sold by different organizations and compared this to leading shirt design companies. I understood that the primary audience would be those affected by TS and their families. Therefore, I needed to find something that would be worn by a younger crowd but also could spark the interest of an older audience. A “modern-retro” theme seemed to be that connection. After all this research, I realized it wasn’t about the school project anymore. It was about communicating a message and getting people to start talking about TS.

I offered up the designs to Turner Syndrome Foundation and was thrilled to know they would accept and use the designs. My hope is that they can help generate dialogue and increase support to those affected by TS.

Check out our online shop to purchase the Turner Syndrome Pride merchandise!

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