Teaming Up for TS: Thank You to the Dream Team of Donors!

     For Turner Syndrome Awareness Month in February, the LSU Women’s Basketball Team and their partners at Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys organized the Playing for a Purpose fundraiser to support TS Awareness and share our mission, during which Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys donated $20 to TSF for every point that players Angel Reese and Alexis Morris scored, totaling $10,000! This past May, the pair collaborated again to give back to the TS community with a shopping giveaway fundraiser. By the end of the giveaway, the duo had raised an additional $4,327 for TSF! This is a great example of how corporations and organizations can raise awareness while successfully marketing themselves. We at TSF are eternally grateful for the generous donations from Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys and Kim Mulkey and the LSU Women’s Basketball team!

Coming Together for a Cause

     Fashion connoisseurs received exciting news in the month of May when Coach Kim Mulkey of the LSU Lady Tigers and Gordon McKernan announced a chance to win a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with premium design brand Neubryne. Neubryne designs exude an array of vibrant colors and patterns, including two jackets that Coach Mulkey has sported throughout her career. Enthusiastic hopefuls had two weeks to register and enter the giveaway, for which there were 4,327 entries! 

     Not only this: Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys generously donated $1 to the Turner Syndrome Foundation for each entrant into the giveaway, summing to a whopping $4,327! A tremendous thanks to Coach Mulkey, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, and Neubryne for all of their support and demonstrating the power of collaborating toward a joint effort. The impact of your generosity and efforts over the past several months will be felt throughout the Turner Syndrome community! 

What Giving Means to Me

     Giving to the Turner Syndrome community has always had a special meaning and motivation for Gordon McKernan, Coach Mulkey, and the team at Neubryne. Coach Mulkey has a personal connection to TS, as she tragically lost her granddaughter, who had TS, to a stillbirth. Coach Mulkey has since been active in raising awareness for TS in order to allow more people to know and understand the rare condition. 

     Emily Gaffney, public relations specialist for Gordon McKernan, says of the organization’s focus for donating, “we constantly seek innovative and creative ways to support various charitable causes that align with our values and resonate with our team (and partners!).” Gaffney’s words testify to the significance and impact of giving to organizations such as TSF. The efforts of each medical professional, educator, and corporate leader toward advocating for TS are deeply appreciated and felt throughout the TS community, and we encourage others to come together to bring life to this cause.

The Power of Partnership

 The collaboration between Neubryne, Gordon McKernan Injury Attorneys, and the LSU Lady Tigers has demonstrated that corporations and philanthropy go hand in hand. Corporations, organizations, and individuals have the opportunity to spread awareness of their own goals, visions, and achievements while also supporting research and care for girls and women around the world. This can be done through examples such as the Playing for a Purpose or the Kim Mulkey Shopping Experience fundraisers: where the events simultaneously raise money and awareness for both the hosting corporations and for causes like TSF.
TSF also has partnerships with other corporations, including the Enterprise Holding Foundation, who has been one of our top supporters this year.

Whether it be through sponsorship or through grants, every type of partnership is welcomed and appreciated. Visit our website for more information on how you can become a partner today.

Written by Canon Pham, TSF volunteer blog writer. Edited and designed by Catherine Melman-Kenny, TSF Blog Coordinator. 

© Turner Syndrome Foundation, 2023

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