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Why Corporations Should Support Turner Syndrome Foundation

Philanthropy is a culture of giving back to improve the  challenges of society. Corporations and their employees capitalize on the tangible benefits of charitable giving as a sustained, not episodic, investment activity. Partnering with the Turner Syndrome Foundation directly impacts lives of patients and families battling Turner Syndrome. It’s a big deal.

Every day lives are lost, challenged and neglected. With the support of corporations, new research, educational resources, patient care, and activism are made possible. Consequently, lives will be spared, outcomes improved and advancements in research achieved. But, we need your help!

Corporate Engagement & Support

TSF offers many ways for your company to intersect marketing with philanthropy. Our team will work closely with you to create a custom package or campaign that delivers. That is to say, the corporate partnership shall align for the greatest social impact.

Improve the way your company is viewed by supporting charity. Studies show that individuals will spend more on brands that support causes like ours. Cause-related marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and corporation. The relationship is meant to generate sales that yield greater awareness and financial return for the cause. Businesses, large and small, choose to set aside monies to support charity through cause-related marketing campaigns. The campaign may range from an annual donation or to a percentage of sale and net proceeds. Large corporation to newer pop-ups market their brand and this cause to receive public recognition. Benefits Include:
    • Premium marketing opportunities
    • Unlimited volunteer opportunities
    • and so much more!

We are happy to help you through a cause marketing campaign, including promotional strategies. If you are interested in a cause marketing campaign with TSF, please contact or call (800) 594-4585.

We welcome your interest in discovering ways your business can support this cause with fresh ideas and corporate perspectives. To initiate a discussion, please email or call (800) 594-4585. Thank you!

Thank you to our generous funders for their support.

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