Be a Social Media Influencer for the Turner Syndrome Community!

The Turner Syndrome Foundation is looking for talent to move our mission forward. We are here to transform the lives of those living with Turner Syndrome and give them the best possible resources and care to live their healthiest lives. At TSF, we are looking to form ongoing, long-lasting partnerships and relationships.

Our talent program is looking for highly motivated, skilled, hard-working professionals who can increase awareness in Turner Syndrome. This post will discuss how you can make a difference for thousands of women and girls everywhere as an influencer.   

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

Influencers Can Make a Difference: Kierstyn's Story

The goal for Kierstyn Holly, Talent Coordinator and long-time TSF volunteer, is to ensure that all Turner Syndrome patients have access to better resources, educational opportunities and a healthy life. She feels confident in her ability to support and execute the TSF mission through talent opportunities. 

You Can Be a Social Media Influencer!

By supporting our cause, you are:

  • helping a unique community with a special, common condition that affects one in 2000-Turner Syndrome;
  • advocating for women, gender equality, and healthcare equity;
  • supporting communities with genetic conditions;
  • making a difference in the world!

You can support our cause by advocating for the TS community as a social media influencer by:

  • communicating with the public and public officials about TS to spread as much awareness as possible; 
  • promoting awareness, early diagnosis, and timely treatment to help the TS community face their challenges;
  • sharing your own story about how you discovered TS and the TS community;
  • mentioning some ways to support the TS community in your posts, like learning about TS and fundraising; and
  • generating excitement about TS Awareness Month before February, amplifying its impact.
Contact to learn more. 

About Turner Syndrome (TS)

Turner Syndrome (TS) is a genetic condition affecting one in every 2,000 of those born female. This means that someone in your circle most likely has it, and you don’t even know it!

Ideally, TS is detected at birth or during the first few years of life. If it is, treatments backed by scientific research will ensure that those affected will live happy and healthy lives. Some challenges that individuals with TS may have include:

  •  kidney, heart, and thyroid health challenges;
  • diabetes;
  • hearing loss;
  • osteoporosis;
  • infertility and other reproductive health challenges; and 
  • cognitive health challenges
To learn more about Turner Syndrome, click here

About TS Awareness Month & TSF

TS Awareness Month takes place during February and is a special opportunity to help the TS community. Throughout this month, the TS community and its supporters spread awareness about the condition. They do so by posting about the month, sharing their stories about TS, fundraising for the TS community, and educating others about the condition.

TSF, a nonprofit founded in 2008, celebrates this month annually to help spread TS awareness. Year-round, TSF hosts webinars, fundraisers, and other events to support the TS community.

TSF is dedicated to advocating for and provide resources to the global TS community.

Awareness 2022

Increased awareness of TS means more research that focuses on the TS community’s needs and more resources and treatments to help the TS community deal with their life-long challenges.

Takeaways & Action Steps

  • If you care about gender equality, genetic condition communities, healthcare equity, and making a difference, we encourage you to become one of our social media influencers.
  • You can help by spreading Turner Syndrome awareness, sharing your story about how you learned about TS, and talking about ways to support the TS community. 
  • TSF supports awareness of Turner Syndrome, a common, but not well-known genetic condition that affects 1 in 2,000 females.
  • It causes challenges such as short stature; diabetes; infertility; and heart, kidney, and thyroid health issues.
  • Every February, TSF celebrates TS Awareness Month to spread awareness of the condition and increase resources to help the global TS community. 
  • This is a cause worth fighting for, and it’s time to spread awareness. Become an influencer today!

Written by Shannon McGorty, TSF volunteer blog writer. Edited by Prabhat Sharma, TSF volunteer blog editor, and Susan Herman, TSF volunteer lead blog editor.



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