Games to Develop Cognitive Skills

In the webinar about the Cognitive Impact of Turner Syndrome, Dr. O’Desky discusses different games and activities an individual may do to strengthen their cognitive abilities. Individuals of all ages can use these tools, but it is important to begin the intervention as early as possible.

If you notice your child having challenges with attention, memory, and visuospatial skills, begin incorporating these games and activities into their routine.? The overall idea is to build these cognitive skills over time. Games begin at easier levels and progressively become more difficult to test cognitive abilities even more.

These activities are also great for adults to build and maintain cognitive skills. As Dr. O’Desky shared, it is never too late to build cognitive skills!

Games to Develop Cognitive Skills

There are many games people can use to build basic cognitive skills. Here are some of them, and some of the skills they can enhance:

  • Collapse (app): logic and reasoning, problem-solving
  • Find the Difference: logic and reasoning, problem-solving, working memory
  • Chess or Connect 4: logic and reasoning, problem solving
  • Bop-It: auditory processing, logic and reasoning
  • Simon: processing speed, short-term memory, visual processing
  • Concentration: logic and reasoning, problem-solving, working memory
  • Tetris (app): visual-spatial awareness
  • Tangrams: logic and reasoning, problem-solving, visual-spatial awareness

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There are many more things to learn from Dr. O’Desky’s webinar! View the recording online.

Written by Rowan Elrais.

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