Awareness Month 2021: YOU Can Make a Difference

February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! We want to let you know how you can get involved and make a difference by raising awareness of Turner Syndrome. Each and every person’s efforts to spread the word about Turner Syndrome has an impact on future research, health care, and resources for the community.

Awareness Month 2021 Text/Email Updates

The best way to know exactly what is going on in February Awareness Month is to sign-up for our text/email updates. We will be sending previews of the activities that you can do and reminders to complete them. Click the button below to sign-up!

Awareness Activities You Can Do

We have planned many different activities you can do to raise awareness, broken down week to week. Each week will offer a variety of activities related to social media, advocacy, and more! Of course, you aren’t limited to the activities we provide, but they will make it easy for you to get involved.

The more people who raise awareness this February, the better. We need your participation in order to make Awareness Month a success and to be “Turner Syndrome Strong in 2021!”

Here is a preview of some activities:

  • Sign a petition
  • Share an infographic on social media
  • Post a picture of yourself
  • Share your story

We encourage everyone to raise awareness in a way that follows local COVID-19 guidelines.

Things You Can Do Now

Here’s things that you can do right now to make a difference:

  1. Order the Awareness Month 2021 t-shirt
  2. Submit a press release to your local news
  3. Use a Facebook profile picture frame

Learn More About Awareness Month

We hope you will join us in raising awareness of Turner Syndrome this February!

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