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Turner Syndrome Awareness Month- February 2021

February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month!

The time has finally come again- Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! We always look forward to Awareness Month because it brings a new feeling of energy to the cause, and we have plenty of ways that you can get involved in raising awareness this February! If you have any questions regarding Awareness Month, please email awareness@tsfusa.org.

We must say a big “thank you” to the Awareness Committee, a team of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to making Awareness Month a success. Each volunteer brings a unique set of experiences and skills that has helped us plan a month full of activities.

Stay Up-To-Date on All Things Awareness Month

Before you do anything else, please subscribe to our Awareness Month 2021 email and text list. You can select to subscribe to whichever form of communication you prefer, or both. This is the best way to know about all of the fun and meaningful activities we have planned for February! This is also how you can access the Checklist (more on that below). Plus, if you sign-up by February 1st we will send you a sticker!

Awareness Month 2021 Activities

This year we have planned activities for each week of February, plus a few that you can do in the last 2 weeks of January to get ready. There will be many activities that you can do from home, and a few that you can choose to do safely in your community. Make sure to check Facebook or Instagram each week for that week’s list of activities! If you subscribed to the email or text list we will also remind you there.

February 22-28 Activities

Amazing things can happen when you just share information with someone else about Turner Syndrome! You can use our TS Talking Points to help answer questions people may ask about TS, which can be found in our Awareness Toolkit.

2: Go Green for TS

Share a photo online of you going green for TS! Show off your Team TSF shirt if you have it, or throw on any other green clothes in your closet to show your support! Make sure to tag us @TurnerSyndromeFoundation on Facebook or Instagram.

If you created an online fundraiser, now is the time to focus on reaching your goal! However, it still isn’t too late to make an online fundraising page to ask your friends and family to support our cause. It’s easy to create your page!

February 15-21 Activities

YOUR story has the power to make a difference! It can help to raise awareness, inform, and comfort others so they know that they are not alone. If you want to share your story, our “My Story” blog series is the platform! Fill out the form and we will work with you to develop your story and post on our website and social media.

Download this printable, write why you raise awareness of Turner Syndrome, and share it online! This simple act can help to highlight the many reasons that raising awareness is so important. Make sure to tag us @TurnerSyndromeFoundation on Facebook or Instagram.

We want to see your awareness merch, especially if you personalized it! Share a photo online, tagging us @TurnerSyndromeFoundation and use #TurnerSyndromeAwarenessMonth

Let your creativity flow and create a poster for TS Awareness! It could include a fun quote, a drawing, or a fact about TS. This activity is fun for people of all ages to do and highlight your creativity! Make sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram @TurnerSyndromeFoundation.

If you prefer coloring in the lines, this printable coloring page is for you! Download it, print it out, color it, and you know what’s next…share a photo online! We would love to see how you color it in!

February 8-14 Activities

A simple thing any doctor’s office can do to raise awareness is post a flyer somewhere! You can even provide them with the flyer to make it easy for them to spread the word. Print this flyer and bring it with you next time you visit, or send it via email if you have a direct email address you can contact!

Social media is a powerful tool for awareness, and we want to provide you with all the tools you need to raise awareness online! Download our packet to access social media resources like Facebook cover images and graphics that you can download and share.

Lori is mother to Julie who has Turner Syndrome, and she loves making cards! Every year for Awareness Month she combines her passions and does a Blog Hop for TS Awareness! We encourage you to get involved by making a card of your own. Then, share a photo with us and send it to a loved one. Especially these days, a card received in the mail can brighten anyone’s day!

If you’re not one for card making, you can also purchase a card made by Lori and 100% of proceeds benefit TSF’s mission.

We have so many TS-themed merchandise designs available in our online shop! If you order a shirt, sweatshirt, hat, mug, or something else, be sure to share a photo of your item on social media and tag us @TurnerSyndromeFoundation. You can also use #TurnerSyndromePride to show your support for TS Awareness!

Stories on Instagram are increasingly popular, and stickers are a great way to add to them! We have created many different stickers to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome. To use them, follow these steps:

  1. Open a story in Instagram
  2. Click on the “sticker” icon
  3. Search @turnersyndromefoundation
  4. Select your favorite sticker and add it to your story
  5. Tag us so that we can see you have used the sticker!

February 1-7 Activities

It is time for care for the Turner Syndrome population to be prioritized by policy makers! Show your support for this community by signing our Petition for Patent Care  and share it with others. The more signatures we get, the greater impact we can have!

You will also receive an email after you have signed the petition, providing you with a graphic that you can post and a flyer you can print to show your support online.

Want to be featured in a TSF Awareness Campaign? Share a photo of yourself for the chance to see yourself on our social media pages! Additionally, you can select a digital photo frame that we will personalize and send to you, which you can post online to raise awareness.

Awareness Month is a great time to fundraise to support TSF’s mission! You can easily create an online fundraising page through our website. When your friends and family make a donation, they support the Awareness Month activities we have planned as well as our year-round awareness initiatives.

A group of TSF volunteers have created a fun and simple dance challenge you can do on Instagram Reels! Learn the dance to “Fight Song” on our Instagram page, and then post your recreation. Make sure to tag us @turnersyndromefoundation so we can see your take on the dance. This is a great way to raise awareness!

Can you think of somewhere in your community that you could post a flyer? Maybe a coffee shop or library near you has a community bulletin board, or your workplace has a break room where you can hang things on the wall. A TSF volunteer, Jasmine, created a new flyer for Awareness Month this year, which is perfect to download, print, and post! There are several variations available that have information about Turner Syndrome and a QR code so people can show their support by signing the petition!

Reminders From Past Weeks

This is TSF’s official t-shirt  to commemorate Turner Syndrome Awareness Month, 2021! The shirt is available in all sizes and comes in different shirt colors. You can even purchase the design on a mug, tote bag, and more.

We encourage you to purchase the white t-shirt. This way you can completely customize it with tye dye, patches, fabric markers, and more! Then your shirt will be unique, just like you! If you customize your shirt, make sure to share a photo on social media and tag us, or send a photo to awareness@tsfusa.org.

Our Awareness Packet provides you with resources to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome. Download it for free to access:

  • Social media graphics
  • Printable flyer
  • Turner Syndrome Talking Points
  • And more!

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