Turner Syndrome Awareness Month- February 2022

The time has finally come again- Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! We always look forward to Awareness Month because it brings a new feeling of energy to the cause, and we have plenty of ways that you can get involved in raising awareness this February! If you have any questions regarding Awareness Month, please email awareness@tsfusa.org.

We must say a big “thank you” to the Awareness Committee, a team of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to making Awareness Month a success. Each volunteer brings a unique set of experiences and skills that has helped us plan a month full of activities.

Stay Up-To-Date on All Things Awareness Month

Before you do anything else, please subscribe to our Awareness Month 2022 email and text list. You can select to subscribe to whichever form of communication you prefer, or both. This is the best way to know about all of the fun and meaningful activities we have planned for February! This is also how you can access the Checklist (more on that below). Plus, if you sign-up by February 1st we will send you a sticker!

Awareness Month Activities & Challenge

This year we have planned 28 days of challenges for each day of February to make the most of awareness month! There will be many way to raise awareness from the comfort of your home! Make sure to check Facebook or Instagram each day for the challenge of the day and check out this page each week for the challenges that week! If you subscribed to the email or text list we will also remind you there.

To get the images for the 28 days challenges to share on your social media, click here.

February 1-6 Challenges

It’s that time of year! February awareness month is right around the corner!!! To celebrate awareness month, TSF will be hosting its annual Take a Step for TS fundraising event, but this time it will take place the WHOLE month of February!!!!! Come take a step with us this February and raise awareness for Turner Syndrome!

Sign up here!

Day 2: Share your story

YOUR story has the power to make a difference! It can help to raise awareness, inform, and comfort others so they know that they are not alone. If you want to share your story, our “My Story” blog series is the platform! Fill out the form and we will work with you to develop your story and post on our website and social media.

Amazing things can happen when you just share information with someone else about Turner Syndrome! You can use our TS Talking Points to help answer questions people may ask about TS, which can be found in our Awareness Toolkit.

Lori is mother to Julie who has Turner Syndrome, and she loves making cards! Every year for Awareness Month she combines her passions and does a Blog Hop for TS Awareness! We encourage you to get involved by biding on a card.  Send a card to brighten someone’s day!

 purchase a card made by Lori and 100% of proceeds benefit TSF’s mission.

Raise your voice for TS! It’s your time to come up with a tagline for TS awareness! Let us know in the comments of the day 5 photo what you’ve come up with! You can do this  @TurnerSyndromeFoundation on Facebook or Instagram.

We want to see who your favorite influencers are! Tag them in our post that says Tag your favorite influencer, so that they can raise awareness too! 

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