Turner Syndrome Awareness Month- February 2022

The time has finally come again- Turner Syndrome Awareness Month! We always look forward to Awareness Month because it brings a new feeling of energy to the cause, and we have plenty of ways that you can get involved in raising awareness this February! If you have any questions regarding Awareness Month, please email awareness@tsfusa.org.

We must say a big “thank you” to the Awareness Committee, a team of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to making Awareness Month a success. Each volunteer brings a unique set of experiences and skills that has helped us plan a month full of activities.

Stay Up-To-Date on All Things Awareness Month

Before you do anything else, please subscribe to our Awareness Month 2022 email and text list. You can select to subscribe to whichever form of communication you prefer, or both. This is the best way to know about all of the fun and meaningful activities we have planned for February! This is also how you can access the Checklist (more on that below). Plus, if you sign-up by February 1st we will send you a sticker!

Awareness Month Activities & Challenge

This year we have planned 28 days of challenges for each day of February to make the most of awareness month! There will be many way to raise awareness from the comfort of your home! Make sure to check Facebook or Instagram each day for the challenge of the day and check out this page each week for the challenges that week! If you subscribed to the email or text list we will also remind you there.

To get the images for the 28 days challenges to share on your social media, click here.

Day 21: Sign the Petition


Girls and women with TS can suffer from a variety of developmental and medical issues.  There is presently no cure for TS, but there are treatment options. Individuals with TS require a lifetime of health care from preventative monitoring to treatments. Many girls and women with TS lack access to accommodations and resources for coverage of medical costs. This is due in a large part to lack of knowledge about TS and lack of policy implementation supporting those with TS. Therefore, we are calling on legislators to advocate for this often-forgotten population present in all communities.

I stand for access to accommodations, resources, treatments, supports, and adequate insurance coveragefor individuals who have Turner Syndrome.

I support policy that will meet the unmet needs of these individuals.

I call on legislators to take action for this cause.

I stand with the Turner Syndrome community.

Day 22: Show us how you raise awareness

Let us know in the comments why or how you raise awareness for Turner Syndrome! This simple act can help to highlight the many reasons that raising awareness is so important. Do you fundraise, do you share photos online to let others know about Turner Syndrome, do you scream it off the top of your lungs to let others know we need to see change? We can’t wait to see what you do to raise awareness!

Day 23: Sign up for our Congenital Heart and Blood Vessels Problems webinar


The webinar, Webinar- Congenital Heart and Blood Vessel Problems, is being presented by Siddharth Prakash, MD, PhD and Jane Grande-Allen, PhD.

In this presentation, the presenters will review the types of heart and blood vessel problems that affect girls and women with Turner syndrome. They will review recommendations for lifelong care of people with heart or blood vessel problems. We will discuss current research on the causes of bicuspid aortic valve and thoracic aortic aneurysms in TS. Participants will learn about congenital heart disease, the Turner Syndrome clinical guidelines, and current research participation opportunities.

Day 24: Sign up for Star Sisters

Star Sisters is a way to connect women and girls with Turner Syndrome to share honest experiences and form a sisterhood of positivity. This is an opportunity to raise awareness while receiving support. All meet-ups and events occur online – so anyone, anywhere can participate! 

Join now to receive:

  • Webinars hosted by experts, life coaches & more
  • Closed Facebook group for Star Sisters only
  • Virtual hangouts for Star Sisters members
  • Opportunity to connect with other TS women & girls
  • Learn from the best – each other!

Day 24: Bid on TS Awareness Card Auction Cards

The Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction has been extended! Show your support for TSF by bidding on the remaining cards posted on @mulchlady6 Instagram Page. 

The Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction is collabrative card auction benefiting the Turner Syndrome Foundation.  Many Card Designers from the Card Making Craft world have generously hand made and donated cards for this auction to raise money for the Turner Syndrome Foundation. They are Card Heroes that Support Turner Syndrome Awareness!

If you can’t find a card that you like at the Card Auction, please consider making a donation to the Turner Syndrome Foundation, any amount will greatly help this cause!

Day 25: Show us your still active with us!

We want to know who is active with us! Show us you are active by commenting Hi or anything else and you will be entered to win a prize!

Day 26: Share your daily affirmations with us!

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. To use affirmations, first analyze the thoughts or behaviors that you’d like to change in your own life and career.

We want you to share your daily affirmations with us! By doing so you might change someone’s life!

Day 27: Donate to a Take A Step Fundraising Page!

Help the TS community meet their fundraising goals on their Take A Step mission! One small donation can lead to a lifetime of support for the women and girls living with Turner Syndrome! Donate to one team of your choice for the chance to be entered in a wheel to win a prize! Good luck


We are so incredibly grateful to all who participated in our awareness month activities, but we want to go out with a BANG!!! For today’s challenge we want you to show us how LOUD, NOISY and CREATIVE you can get to make some noise for Turner Syndrome!

Record a video of you, banging instruments, screaming on the top of your lungs, honking horns, etc… and send your videos to kholly@tsfusa.org


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