The importance of writing to your legislators

We have been running our campaign to gain signatures on a letter to legislators for a few weeks now and have recieved great feedback! We’d like to further stress how simple it is to sign on to this legislative advocacy, yet how much of an impact your support can have.

Our letter will be sent to national legislators across the country, asking them to add Turner Syndrome to their list of priorities in the upcoming year, with a goal of receiving legitimate interest in passing a bill. In this bill we’d like February to be established as Turner Syndrome Awareness Month on a national scale, which is a step towards raising awareness. We would also like legislation to establish specialized centers of care in every state so Turner Syndrome patients are able to recieve the medical attention they need. Further, we are advocating for funding devoted to research, and the creation of a national board on Turner Syndrome to coordinate efforts.

By signing on to the letter, you are raising your voice as a supporter of these main goals. We are advocating not only for Turner Syndrome patients, but also their families and caregivers, and people who will be affected in the future. This all goes into a larger national agenda to raise attention to women’s health needs, which is a prevalent conversation in society.

Signing the letter will take only a minute, but will have a profound impact on the campaign. We ask for your address so we can filter signatures to the appropriate legislators, but they will all add up to a larger call to action. You may access the online form here:

We would greatly appreciate your support on this campaign, and ask that you would consider making a donation to the Turner Syndrome Foundation in this season of giving. The funds we recieve allow us to work towards the goals we have established for the national legislative campaign, including providing patient support and education, and funding research initiatives. Again, we thank you for the support we have been continually grateful to receive.

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