Webinar Turner Syndrome Clinical Care Guidelines Review


What You Will Learn:

In this presentation you will learn

    • Brief overview of topic: Review of Infant Pediatric and Adult Management Guidelines
    • Increased awareness of guidelines to help coordinate management of care for patients with Turner Syndrome
    • Increase awareness and recognition to facilitate early diagnosis of Turner Syndrome and improve health outcomes.
    • Q & A

This presentation will provide a general understanding of the patient care guidelines for both pediatric and adult care.

Who Should Attend:
Patients, caregivers, allied health professionals, clinical researchers, health administrators, and policy makers.

About the Presenter:
Ebru Gultekin, MD is a woman with Turner syndrome, who was diagnosed at 16 years of age in 1980 prior to the availability of growth hormone and completing estrogen replacement therapy. She personally understands the complexity of Turner syndrome diagnosis and care with herself having heart valve replacement for aortic stenosis, a femur fracture, and a hip replacement from osteoporosis. She is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Cleveland Metrohealth. 

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