Webinar- TSRX PIN 3.9.21

How to sign up for the TSRX.US

What You Will Learn:

In this presentation you will learn about an easy way that you can contribute to Turner Syndrome research. Brittany McLarney from Invitae will explain TSF’s TSRX Patient Insight Network (PIN) and how to participate. You will understand how to sign-up and how your participation will impact the advancement of research.

Who Should Attend:
Patients, caregivers, allied health professionals, clinical researchers, health administrators, and policy makers.

Webinar Link:
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About the Presenter:
Brittany McLarney, MS, CGC is the Program Manager at Invitae who overseas the TSRX.US for the Turner Syndrome Foundation. She completed her genetic counseling degree in 2011 and worked as a laboratory genetic counselor, a prenatal genetic counselor, a registry coordinator, and finally a program manager with Invitae. She has spent the past few years working with registries to improve the research process for rare disease.

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Webinar TSRX
Participating in Turner Syndrome Research

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