Webinar- Diabetes and Turner Syndrome: Diagnose, Manage and Research

Proactive Approach to Risk & Prevention

Individuals with Turner syndrome have a four-fold increased risk of developing diabetes compared to the general population. Screening for diabetes is recommended starting at age 10. Despite the high prevalence of diabetes, best ways to diagnose and treat diabetes and pre-diabetes in Turner syndrome are not known.

Participants will become familiar with the increased risk of diabetes in Turner syndrome and understand the utility of being screened for diabetes at regular intervals. They will also understand the different types of tests used to screen for diabetes and pre-diabetes which will help them better advocate for themselves if they feel like concerns are being missed. Discussing the historical context of diagnosis and research, as well as future directions for research in this area will help people decide if research participation is valuable to them and may help them identify a study in which to participate (which may benefit them by studying diabetes risk over a long period of time).

What You Will Learn:
This talk will cover the recommended screening tests for diabetes, pitfalls of those screening tests, discuss treatment and prevention of diabetes in Turner syndrome, and highlight some past and current research in the area.

Who Should Attend:
Patients, caregivers, allied health professionals, clinical researchers, health administrators, and policy makers.

About the Presenter:
Catherina T. Pinnaro, MD, MS, is a pediatric endocrinologist with training in genetics and a passion for Turner syndrome. Her clinical areas of focus are diabetes management, specifically type 1 diabetes and atypical diabetes, with research interests in understanding why individuals with Turner syndrome are at higher risk to develop diabetes. Her goal is to ensure that current screening recommendations are robustly identifying those with Turner syndrome who are at risk to develop diabetes, and that treatments are tailored for this unique form of diabetes.

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Webinar Diabetes Risk & Research

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