Webinar Balancing Emotional Wellness: Communication

What You Will Learn:

This Webinar- Balancing Emotional Wellness: Communication, is presented by Michael Sager, Patient Affairs Liaison with Pfizer’s Community Connections Programs for Rare Disease, for a peer-to-peer interactive presentation. WE Learn is a Turner Syndrome Foundation educational learning activity.

The goal of this webinar is to give the participants some comfort and maybe a new way of approaching difficult people and relationships through improved communication skills. No medical advice will be provided. The goal is to have a peer-to-peer discussion facilitated by Michael Sager of Pfizer.

About Michael Sager: Mike earned a Bachelor of Arts from Xavier University and a Master of Arts in Spanish Literature from the University of Cincinnati. After a 12-year career in teaching Spanish, exporting, international sales, and customer service, Mike joined the Pfizer sales force in 2002. He is passionate about improving health and well-being through exercise, diet, compliance with prescribed therapies, and education and looks forward to sharing this passion as he supports patients as a Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaison.

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