Webinar- College 101

College Prep for the Butterfly

What You Will Learn:

This Webinar- College 101, is presented by Helen Rhoads, M.S. She herself has Turner Syndrome and as an academic advisor she will share knowledge. WE Learn is a Turner Syndrome Foundation educational learning activity.

Topics you will learn about:

    • FERPA
    • FAFSA
    • Disability support services
    • Healthcare at college

Who Should Attend:
Patients, parents, caregivers, policy makers, and just about anyone who is interested in post secondary education preparedness.

Webinar Link:
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About the Presenter:

Helen Rhoads was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama.  She was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome at the age of 12 and has successfully gone on to acquire a Bachelor’s degree Secondary Education – English/ Language Arts and Master’s degree Higher Education – Leadership for Student Success.  Her passion in higher education lies with academic advising, which has been her career the past 6 years. This is after starting work in higher education in 2002 and working in a few different positions with different institutions.

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