A Valentine’s Gift For You and TSF: Friendship Bracelets

We’ve all heard of friendship bracelets. But, what if there was a bracelet that could connect our special community here? 

With the Little Words Project, that opportunity is here! My name is Nicole Topp, and I’m proud to have helped create a bracelet for us that beautifully displays TSF surrounded with rainbow breads. Even more, The Little Words Project organization donates 25% of the proceeds to TSF with every purchase! 

Why Should I Buy a Bracelet?
Buying this bracelet is not just a part of a fundraiser. It’s much more. 

As a TSF volunteer over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in spreading awareness for Turner Syndrome in many ways: having the state of Rhode Island recognize February as Turner Syndrome Awareness Month, being a part of a virtual play, and helping to coordinate the Star Sisters Support group.

TSF has become a very important part of my life and has helped me through so much. Every proceed helps another woman like me to find the hope and support I need. 

Without your help, TSF cannot afford the multiple research and educational initiatives to increase awareness and enhance medical care of those affected by Turner syndrome.

Buy a Bracelet Today, Bring Our Community Together

This Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to order a special bracelet that brings us closer together as a community. Along with having a way to showcase your support for Turner syndrome awareness, you will also help pave the way for TSF to keep helping women around the world. 

Written by Nicole Topp, TSF awareness volunteer. Edited and Designed by Riya Ajmera, TSF Blog Coordinator.

© Turner Syndrome Foundation, 2023

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