Rally Together For TS with CATS!

     Imagine just how many things you have to keep track of on a daily basis. Groceries, laundry, meetings, emails, and at this time of year, holiday shopping. Everything takes time, energy, and money, but for individuals and families with Turner Syndrome, gift wrapping might be the least of their worries if they are facing mounting healthcare bills and accommodations. Growth hormone treatment alone costs up to $60,000 dollars a year. This is why Paul Sullivan believes in the necessity of the Collaborations for Awareness of Turner Syndrome Working Group (CATS) to advocate and raise awareness for TS. He is initiating a fresh approach to invite you to learn about the Fundamentals of Financial Literacy for yourself… and to join him in supporting an optimistic outlook for the future of TS.

Collaborations for the Awareness of TS

     Paul Sullivan knows on a personal level just how TS not only affects the health of an individual, but also their families and communities. This is why he is excited to be part of CATS (Collaborations for the Awareness of Turner Syndrome), a new working group focused on bringing diverse people together to raise awareness in their communities. According to Paul, “we are reaching out to individuals and families with an affinity to advance and support Turner syndrome advocacy, education, and research. All are welcome to join us on this initiative. We will meet monthly virtually and work collaboratively to share information with organizations and corporations for a collaborative approach for awareness.”

     Having grown up with a younger sister who has Turner Syndrome, Paul watched his father carefully financially plan to make sure the family lived the best lifestyle possible. Inspired by his father, who cared for his family first and foremost amidst his own health challenges, Paul hopes that CATS cultivates a social network for families to reach out for support while advocating for greater education, research, and general awareness of the condition.

     With a broader reach, this group of equally-inspired individuals, families, and even companies, can affect greater change that is not otherwise possible. As ambassadors for TS, the group will educate, collaborate, and empower others to join the cause, affecting positive change for the TS community. As Paul puts it, “When we all work together, we can achieve so much more. Together we can go further.”

Support For TS Is Essential


WE Learn Webinar- 12/6 @ 8PM EDT

     It is important that the families affected by TS take action as their personal experiences will be the most powerful call for change. Individuals who have already advocated within their own network can expand their outreach by joining CATS. The future of the cause lies in its chance to spread beyond the TS community. Change will happen when those who have no direct connection to TS are properly educated and speak up in support of the women and families affected.

      TS affects nearly one in every 200 pregnancies. Every eight minutes, a baby is born with TS, and only one to two percent of babies will survive birth. Every TS baby is a miracle. It is basic humanity to hope these babies will grow up in a society full of empathy and support. As such, changes need to be made on a national scale: legislation to protect the right to affordable and accessible care, awareness to encourage early diagnoses for better long-run prognoses, outreach to communities outside of those directly affected by TS. 

     CATS is for the people who want to make a difference. No matter your background, you have the power to change lives with just your voice. Those who join CATS will be part of the voice for TS, informing their own communities and increasing support. Paul expressed that, “Over time of spreading awareness, I believe corporate sponsorships will follow.” Corporate sponsorships will provide greater financial assistance towards the greater effort for TS awareness and research. CATS will build a social and financial safety network full of resources for those with TS to reach out and lean on.

When we all work together, we can achieve so much more. One person can only reach so many people, but when we work together, each individual can share the message with their network, who can share it with their network, and so on. With this, we can reach a much greater audience.

How Do I Join?

     Anyone can join CATS as long as they’re open minded and passionate about TS education, outreach, and advocacy. To get involved, get started by submitting a TSF talent application. You will afterwards be contacted by Paul and our volunteer coordinator, who will speak with you more about the group and will provide you with a brief orientation on volunteering with TSF.

Join Paul at the first CATS meeting on 12/6 and help make a difference for the TS community!

Written by Milenka Men, volunteer blog writer. Edited and designed by Catherine Melman-Kenny, TSF Blog Coordinator. 

© Turner Syndrome Foundation, 2023

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  1. To clarify, 1-2% of fetuses with TS survive *to* birth, not survive birth itself. Also, not all individuals with TS identify as female.

    1. There are different statics inregards to how many ts fetuses survive and as mentioned we really do not know and only go by info we have. this ts article had nothing to do with how one identifies that is totally another subject. So please keep the post on topic thank you .

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