Collaborations for the Awareness of TS Working Group

Collaborations and Partnerships

The working group, CATS (Collaborations for the Awareness of Turner Syndrome), is focused on bringing corporations and people together to raise awareness in their communities to steward a more understanding and supportive community that cares.

Individuals and families with an affinity to advance and support Turner syndrome advocacy, education, and research are invited to support this initiative. The group works collaboratively to share information with organizations to form a collaborative approach for awareness.

The group is lead by Paul Sullivan. Having grown up with a younger sister who has Turner Syndrome, Paul watched his father carefully financial plan to ensure the family lived a financially secure lifestyle. Inspired by his father, who cared for his family first and foremost amidst his own health challenges, Paul hopes that CATS cultivates a social network for families to garner support for the mission. 

Join us in planning our goals and reaching out to create strong collaborations. No experience is necessary to get involved to bring awareness to communities in which you live and work. If you want to advocate in a corporate, social, or civic setting, this working group is for you!

Collaborations for Awareness of Turner Syndrome

When you complete this application, you are applying to be a volunteer of the Turner Syndrome Foundation. All volunteers agree to adhere to the core values and principles of the Turner Syndrome Foundation POLICIES TALENT MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK. You will best understand the core values, principles and policies by reading through and fulfilling orientation requirements. If you have any questions, please contact

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