Giving back to our health care providers!

November is the month of being thankful, and with that we would like to thank the health care providers who go above and beyond each day for girls and women affected by Turner Syndrome. 1 in 2000 girls are affected by Turner Syndrome each year. This genetic condition has affected the lives of so many females at every stage of life; some diagnosed and some undiagnosed. Each day TS girls wake up, they are grateful to have the support and help of those who provide health care for them.

We would like to dedicate this month to all those who work in health care. No matter if they are a surgeon, pediatrician, occupational therapist, physical therapist, dentist, doctor etc. Each of these providers empower TS women and girls to live a healthy life in order to accomplish their goals. So this November, we thank all those who provide health care for our children and families.

If your life has been changed for the better because of a health care provider, please tell us about them at this link. This will allow us to thank them, and share their information as a resource for other TS girls and women. Thank you for joining us in being thankful!

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