Reflections from a Volunteer: Turner Syndrome Meet Up

A few weeks ago, I hosted a picnic and walk meet up at Eno River State Park in Durham, North Carolina through the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Choosing a public location meant that I didn’t need to make any expensive reservations ahead of time. So, with just a little bit of effort and planning we enjoyed a wonderful Saturday afternoon together! 

Planning the Meet Up

With the meet up idea in mind, I filled out the Foundation’s Event Form, which can be found here. Just a couple of days later I heard back that my event was approved! They promptly posted information on their Facebook page and in their monthly newsletter. I also shared the event on my own page and made sure to invite anyone I knew who might be interested!

Then, I just had to wait for the day to arrive! I asked attendees to bring their own bagged lunch to complement the picnic sides and waters I would bring, which only cost a few dollars.

Meeting Friends, Old and New

We had seven people attend the meet up, including a few partners and spouses (and even a dog!). Conversation ranged from upcoming trips we had planned, hobbies, the beginning of the school year, and our favorite shows and books. We also discussed some of the Foundation’s recent initiatives like the Patient Registry and shared some common experiences with Turner Syndrome.

Once we finished eating, we went for a short walk around the park. Making new connections and learning new things about the people we already knew was a highlight of the day. The atmosphere was lighthearted and fun, and we left feeling full on food and great company. I certainly can’t wait until I host a meet up again!

You can host a Turner Syndrome Foundation meet up too!

Do you have a desire to meet other Turner Syndrome families near you? You can plan a meetup in your area just like volunteer Audrey did. Additionally, find out how you can turn your meetup into a fundraiser to have a greater impact!

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