TS Care Center: eXemplarY Kids Clinic

The eXemplarY Kids Clinic of Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, CA is a multidisciplinary clinic for children with X & Y chromosome variations. We spoke with Dr. Schweiger, Director of Pediatric Endocrinology and Co-Director of the Clinic, to learn how this center cares for girls with Turner Syndrome.

What kind of specialized care can Turner Syndrome girls expect to receive at the Clinic?

The girls with Turner Syndrome would meet with a pediatric endocrinologist, a dietician and a social worker about every 4-6 months. Depending on their needs we could also consider if referral to another specialist, such as a neurodevelopmental evaluation, cardiology or nephrology is needed.

The Clinic focuses on a multidisciplinary approach to care. Can you share why this is important?

Multidisciplinary teams have been found to have many benefits to both the patients and the health care team. They have been found to use more efficient use of resources and improved health outcomes for patients. They have also been found to improve satisfactions and communication between patients and team members.

Transition to adult care is an important step for those with TS. How does Cedars-Sinai and the Clinic work with adult endocrinology to offer comprehensive transition of care?

We would closely with our Adult Endocrinology Department to help with a smooth transition. Transition tool kit is completed and information is discussed with the adult endocrinology team prior to patient transfer. We also have one of the top Adult Endocrinology Programs.

Do patients need a referral to visit the Clinic?

Depending on their insurance they might need a referral. When they call to schedule their appointment, our office staff can help direct them if a referral is needed.

Where does the Clinic meet?

The clinic meets at the Steven Spielberg Building
8723 W. Alden Building, SSB, Room 240
Los Angeles, CA 90048

To learn more about the eXemplarY Kids Clinic, please click here or call  (310) 423-7940.

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Disclaimer: Turner Syndrome Foundation does not review or endorse any providers. Please do your own research before choosing a care provider.

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