Pete Fairbanks, Tampa Bay Rays, Turner Syndrome

Strikeouts for Ellis

Pete Fairbanks, Tampa Bay Rays, and Turner Syndrome

The joy that comes with having a child is immense. Yet, it cannot compare to the heaviness felt when losing a child. Lydia and Pete Fairbanks, pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays, lost their daughter Ellis after 19 weeks and six days gestation due to Turner Syndrome (TS). 

“The unknown of the diagnosis, difficulty receiving care, and the odds that were repeated to us every appointment made it difficult to see the light. Despite the darkness at times, we cherish those weeks because Ellis met milestones we were told she wouldn’t, and she taught us the importance of life and being present.

Ellis was a fighter. Throughout this journey of diagnosis and loss, Peter and I have learned that there is a gap in the system...

We are motivated to help the Turner Syndrome Foundation bridge the gap between diagnosis and care. This season, we vow to honor Ellis and other families who have experienced loss."

Turner Syndrome Foundation is honored and humbled to have been selected to collaborate with their mission in providing resources for patients and bridging the gap in healthcare for TS.

What is Turner Syndrome?

Surprisingly, what most don’t know is that Turner syndrome is the second most common genetic disorder in females. The estimated number of baby girls born with the syndrome is one in every eight hours (affecting 1 in every 2,000 living females).

Instead of the necessary two X chromosomes, the affected female would be missing either a part or an entire X chromosome. The cause is unknown, and TS is a randomly-occurring genetic disorder that is not hereditary. 

To learn more about Turner syndrome, click here.

How the Fairbanks Turned their Grief into an Idea

Pete and Lydia chose to remember their daughter through publicly sharing their story and raising awareness with a season-long strikeout campaign, Strikeouts for Ellis, and a two week long online auction, Rays Up for Turner Syndrome lasting from July 14 to the 28th.

In addition, on July 28th the Fairbanks and Tampa Bay Rays will host a Turner Syndrome Community Day to help spread awareness. With a portion of the game day ticket sale proceeds going to TSF, the event is dedicated to growing a caring community day of support. 

This event is the product of turning grief into a powerful form of remembrance and impact. Loss has the power to change, and we need your help to drive that change.

This Community Day will offer a grand opportunity for baseball fans and individuals with TS to unify support for Turner syndrome.  

Individuals should recognize the commonality of Turner syndrome and the resources available, whether you’re an expecting parent, an individual with TS, a loved one, or facing a loss due to TS. The Turner Syndrome Foundation offers education, information, and support freely to all patients and families to people in over 61 countries. 

Fairbanks Gallery

Why You Should Come

Along with the important cause, the Rays will be playing the Cincinnati Reds and offering a lower discounted ticket price of $30. The first 12,000 fans will be winning a FREE Pete Fairbanks bobblehead. There will be a community information table and group photo as well!

Story Behind the Strikeouts for Ellis Merchandise

Elli’s Dotted-Blue Butterfly

“Peter and I wanted to focus on spreading awareness for Turner Syndrome this season, and a strikeout campaign seemed to be a good fit because strikeouts are something very motivating for Peter! We knew with each strikeout, Ellis and Turner Syndrome would be mentioned. When we were talking about creating a logo, Peter reached out to Warren Hypes, Rays VP Creative and Brand, and he agreed to volunteer his time and help us out. We are so grateful for him and how he brought our very loose ideas to reality, especially when he was busy with the launch of the Rays City Connect Jerseys which he helped spearhead! We kept the colors of the Rays, the “K” which signifies a strikeout, and the butterfly is based off the Ellis’ Dotted-Blue butterfly. After we named Ellis and discovered how the butterfly is a symbol for Turner Syndrome, we discovered that there is an actual butterfly called the Elli’s Dotted-Blue.

Once we had the design set, we connected with Tiny Turnip who helped us bring it to life! We have loved having this image to remind us of Ellis, our Rays family, and our community associated with Turner Syndrome. We hope you all enjoy the logo and wear it proudly!”

~ Lydia Fairbanks

There's No Reason to Hesitate,

Help Change the Journey of Families Worldwide

Whether you support Pete Fairbanks, Tampa Bay Rays, Turner syndrome, or contributing to a cause that can help the lives of many girls, we urge you to donate and come to the game.

You are what drives change.

Written, edited, and designed by Riya Ajmera, Blog Coordinator. Contributions from Lydia Fairbanks.

© Turner Syndrome Foundation, 2024

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  1. What a brave and loving family to share their loss with the world to help bring more awareness of Turner Syndrome to the everyone and to see change made! They are true HEROES! I will be forever grateful to them for sharing their heartbreaking story! Thank you Pete and Lydia!!

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