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The Turner Syndrome (TS) community is walking together for TS awareness and research this spring. 

From April 1 through April 15, 2024, the Turner Syndrome Foundation is hosting Take a Step for TS 2024, a walk to promote awareness and raise funds to help TSF save more lives. 

Now, you can be a part of this annual event to remember, to grow a community, and to raise awareness. After joining a team, you can help us towards our total $150,000 fundraising goal dedicated to providing more research, webinars, and articles to help further educate patients and clinicians. Visit the Take a Step for TS site, click “Take a Step for TS,” and “Join a Team.” 

And then, all you have to do is walk! Walking to school, your nearby park, or just within your neighborhood – walk anywhere and everywhere you want!

And why not look good while getting moving this spring?

New and special TS merchandise is available to make your walk special. Apparel, posters, and bags are just a few of the items that can promote awareness and unity in support of helping TSF save more lives.

Don’t wait, please join the rest of the TS community in 2024 as we Take a Step for TS!

Here’s a sneak peek of the teams that are taking a step!

Erica’s Team: diagnosed with TS at the age of 9. She wants to bring awareness to this rare genetic disorder, wishing more had been known and more support available at the time she was diagnosed. Please join us in making some little girl’s emotionally complicated life a little easier. 

Join her team! 

Lindsey’s Team: raising money for Turner Syndrome is very important to me as my daughter Emerson has TS. When I found out while pregnant and googled “what is Turner syndrome” I was sent instantly into a panic. There was nothing good that was being said… I want to ease people’s anxiety by educating them. I feel so confident now that Emerson will live a healthy happy life because we know what to advocate for, what to watch for, and know that she’s a brave Turner syndrome warrior! 🥹💜🦋

Join her team!

Ashley’s Team: in the first 18 months of Millie’s life we saw multiple specialists and she was diagnosed with Heterotaxy with Polysplenia, an interrupted IVC, ASD Secundum, malrotation of the gut, and lastly Mosiac Turner syndrome. As we learn more about Millie’s unique story and so many others, we are so happy she’s here with us and doing so well. We know there are certain things that will present her with struggles and potentially heart ache later in life as she gets older, but my goal is to always stay open and honest with her and help her live the best life.

Join her team!

Written by Kelly Carroll, TSF volunteer blog writer. Edited and Designed by Riya Ajmera, TSF Blog Coordinator. 

© Turner Syndrome Foundation, 2024

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