How to Live Courageously With Type 2 Diabetes: Webinar

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Confronting T2 Diabetes in Turner Syndrome

Did you know that the Turner Syndrome community is at a heightened risk for developing type II diabetes? Sugary drinks and other sweet treats lovingly doled out to children may not have been the best reward, after all! In response to the elevated risk of developing T2, this month a Turner Syndrome Foundation program, WE Learn, will present a webinar, Living with T2, presented by Dr. Henry Anhalt, DO. Dr. Anhalt is a pediatric endocrinologist, researcher and T2 advocate. We hope that you will RSVP to attend the webinar to gain the confidence you need to confront this insidious disease. RSVP 8/25 8PM EDT!

According to a 2010 article, ‘Sweet preference, sugar addiction and the familial history of alcohol dependence: shared neural pathways and genes’, animal studies have demonstrated that in some brains, the consumption of sugar-rich foods or drinks primes the release of euphoric endorphins and dopamine within the nucleus accumbens, in a way that’s similar to some drugs of abuse. Although these addictive consequences may be frightening, we believe that an informed community can learn to make modest lifestyle changes that may lead to healthier lives. Please join this WE Learn activity on 8/25 at 8PM EDT. 

Our hope is that we grow stronger and healthier as a community by increasing knowledge, sharing resources and provided essential support. The Turner Syndrome Foundation is a growing organization, with many opportunities for volunteers to contribute their time and money to expand the mission. If you have interest in serving in some way, please complete a volunteer application. If this is not your time to volunteer, your gift of financial support will stand in your place to support the cause. Together, with your support, we can improve the lives of girls and women!

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Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life. - Shannon L. Adler

Having TS increases the risk of developing Type II Diabetes. Learn how you can take proactive measures to potentially reduce the risk of acquiring this autoimmune disease. For those living with Type II, learn how to live courageously to prevent complications and enjoy your life.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Henry Anhalt is a board-certified pediatric endocrinologist and physician scientist who has served in executive roles with increasing responsibility during his career. They span academia, bio- pharma, non-profit industries, as well as, most recently at Proventionbio, where he serves as executive director, the medical affairs industry. 

Dr. Anhalt attended the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). Once he graduated, he did a rotating internship at The Brookdale University Hospital Center (SUNY Downstate). After  his internship, he did his pediatric residency and chief residency at Winthrop University Hospital (SUNY Stony Brook). Dr. Anhalt then completed his pediatric endocrinology fellowship at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford University. Soon, Dr. Anhalt travelled back to the East Coast. There, he then served as division chief at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, Maimonides Children’s Hospital, and the St. Barnabas Medical Center. In 2008, he joined the Animas Corporation, a part of Johnson and Johnson. Here, he served as Animas’s Chief Medical Officer and was responsible for developing an artificial pancreas system. 

While at Sanofi, he served as North American Medical Affairs, being the lead person responsible for launching Toujeo. Because of this great accomplishment, at the T1D Exchange, he was appointed the position of Chief Medical Officer. Following this, he joined Science 37, a decentralized clinical trial company where he served a vice president. In December 2020, he then ventured to Proventionbio, who he currently works for. 

Dr. Anhalt has served on and chaired several committees within the Endocrine Society. These include the Hormone Health Network as well as Advocacy and Public Outreach Core Committees. Most recently, he served on the Endocrine Society’s Board of Directors.

Over the years, he has authored over 40 original manuscripts as well as dozens of abstracts, consensus statements, textbook chapters, and clinical reviews.

Today, along with working with Proventionbio, he is busy serving Endocrine News’s editorial board, Life-USA’s Board of Directors of Insulin, and Camp Nejeda’s Board of Directors. Life-USA provides insulin and disease management supplies free of charge to emerging countries and in the US during periods of natural disasters. Camp Nejeda is a camp for children with T1D. Additionally, he often spends his time maintaining a pediatric endocrinology practice in Hackensack, NJ.

Henry Anhalt, DO
Henry Anhalt, DO
Henry Anhalt

Acknowledgements: This article was written by Laura Fasciano, TSF’s Founding President and Director. ©Turner Syndrome Foundation 2021.

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