Finding Your “Something”

Written by Katie Steedly Curling, PhD, writer, and guest blogger for the Turner Syndrome Foundation (TSF). Katie writes monthly about her experiences living with Turner Syndrome (TS). In this article, she reflects on finding her “something”–a cause that speaks to her and allows her to contribute to her community.

The Well of Ancient Mysteries

To look at it, the Well of Ancient Mysteries, in Miami, is a small piece of land covered with mango and banyan trees, tropical flowers, and a mural-decorated house surrounded by a 7-Eleven, an empanada food truck, a Metrorail station, and flashy high-rise buildings. A wooden sign with the faded words “The Well of Ancient Mysteries” hangs on the property. I knew from the day we moved to Miami there was a story there. But I walked by it frequently on my way to the grocery for over a year before I tried to find out about it.

I eventually found an article from the Miami Herald. The article tells the story of a sacred space and the man who protects it from development in our rapidly changing neighborhood. In the article, the owner of the property explains that the Well of Ancient Mysteries sits on an ancient site that has spiritual significance to the indigenous people of Miami. As an anthropologist and activist, the owner refuses all offers to buy the property to protect the site.

Pay Attention

This story asks me to pay attention. Is there anything that means so much to me that I would refuse great wealth to dedicate my life to its preservation? Is there a cause so dear to me to warrant fitting getting involved into my days? At this time, when circumstance force us to look inward and consider what matters, it reminds me of the responsibility I have to my community. I am speaking of voting; charitable contributions of time, talent, and/or treasure; and even taking care of myself to be of service to others. Supporting the TSF is one way I connect with my community.  

My Own Well

The owner of the Well of Ancient Mysteries cares deeply and works daily to honor and protect the property. The well is his “something.” When I think about our future, caring about something is vital. When I think about the young people in my life and my world, doing something to leave the world better than I found it is critical. When I think about how I spend my hours, doing something every day to create love in the world is truly important. Finding your well–your something–is more important than ever. What is yours?

Written by Katie Steedly Curling and edited by Susan Herman, TSF volunteer blog post editor and translator.

For more of Katie’s series, and other posts regarding TS, visit TSF’s blog.

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