Events for Awareness

Planning an event is a great way to raise awareness! There are so many different activities that could be used as an opportunity to raise awareness. Think- a fun run, karaoke night, wine and cheese tasting, yoga session, scavenger hunt, bake sale…the list goes on! Pretty much anything that brings people together to have some fun is also a great opportunity for awareness.

How can ANY event be an opportunity for awareness?

Simply putting up Turner Syndrome awareness posters at your event is a great way to put the cause on people’s radar. You can also take time to share your story at the event and allow attendees to ask questions. Additionally, selling tickets, having a silent auction, bake sale, or other fundraiser to benefit the Turner Syndrome Foundation allows people to not only learn about the cause, but also show support for the mission of greater awareness. We also have bracelets that can be sold at events, and we will provide you with brochures and other materials as needed.

Awareness in Action

Kristina, from Delaware, wanted to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome in her community. Having Turners herself, she felt hosting an event was an opportunity to make a difference. Kristina recruited a couple close friends, found a venue, and put together a highly successful event for February Awareness Month in just a few weeks!

After the event, Kristina felt it went great. There was a steady flow of people coming in all throughout the day, and people enjoyed themselves. It made for a long, exhausting day for the organizers and staff, but she said it was worth it! Many people throughout the day asked her about Turner Syndrome, sharing that they had never heard of it before. This gave her the opportunity to share her story and form personal connections. Somewhat surprisingly, Kristina even met a woman whose sister has Turner Syndrome. Many people learned about Turner Syndrome through this event!

The Venue

Kristina’s event was a spaghetti dinner at a popular local restaurant. The restaurant was an important part of the event, because they supported her by spreading the word in the local news, on their social media, and creating a flyer for inside the restaurant. They also very generously donated proceeds from the purchase of the meal, and ensured they had plenty of staff on hand to provide exceptional service to all guests. Thank you to The Salted Rim for being so supportive and helpful to this mission!


Being a spaghetti dinner, attendees were surely happy just because of the delicious food! But, to “sweeten the deal” she and her volunteers prepared bake sale items for purchase as dessert. There was also live entertainment by a local DJ, a staple at the Salted Rim.


Kristina took this awareness opportunity to the next level by raising funds to support our mission through her event! She worked hard gathering items for a silent auction such as cosmetics and gift cards from local vendors-. She also put together a 50/50 that was a big hit. Combined, these many aspects of her event made it fun, had a big impact, and successfully raised awareness! Thank you to all of the donors of items that made this event possible!

2020 spaghetti dinner donors
2020 spaghetti dinner silent auction
2020 spaghetti dinner venue

Now that you have some ideas, it’s your turn to take action! Anyone can host an event, and it especially helps when you have friends, family, or other supporters to help you along the way. We have plenty of resources to help you with things like understanding fundraising, increasing your impact, and raising awareness. When you fill out the event organizer form, even if you don’t yet have all the details smoothed out, we will get you started and guide you along the way.

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