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Know the signs. Change a life.

For more than a decade, the median diagnosis age for Turner Syndrome has been 15 years old. This is a problem. In the best possible situations, Turner Syndrome girls are diagnosed at birth or even earlier. Life-changing interventions for Turner Syndrome generally begin in infancy and continue through adolescence (shown in the infographic below).


Additionally, Turner Syndrome is completely random, meaning any woman or girl could be affected. Factors like race, geographic location, and socioeconomic status do not indicate who is more likely be affected. Turner Syndrome awareness and education must reach every corner of the globe.

Turner Syndrome PSA

To change the status quo of Turner Syndrome, every doctor, teacher, and parent must know the signs. Only then will more girls be diagnosed early in life. We’re calling on you to help us make that happen. Share the following 30 second video on your social media outlets, email to your friends and co-workers, or post on your company website.

Greater awareness for Turner Syndrome means more women and girls receiving life-changing and life-saving medical care. Can we count on you?

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