Steering Towards Success: Join Us for a Webinar on Driving with TS

Women with Turner Syndrome (TS), as well as their parents and loved ones, may be wondering how to navigate the challenges with learning to drive safely. The Turner Syndrome Foundation’s (TSF) We Learn Webinar series can help. 

“Driving to a lot of people means independence, freedom, the ability to go where you want to go when you want to go and not depend on anybody else.”​
Megan Edwards Collins
Experienced Driver with TS & Researcher

TSF is hosting the webinar, Turner Syndrome and Driving: Skills Required and Resources Available, on May 30, 2024, at 8 p.m. The webinar’s speaker, Megan Edwards Collins, has Turner syndrome and has worked through challenges associated with driving. As an assistant professor at Winston-Salem State University, she also teaches future occupational therapists and leads research projects on driving.

Driving with TS

Megan explained that driving is a very complex activity. In her experience, depth perception challenges led her to follow cars more closely than she perceived. “I have to consciously leave more space than I think is necessary to be safe,” she said. 

Common factors of TS, including short stature, visual and cognitive impairments, and decreased tone, can propose various difficulties on the road. In the webinar, Megan will describe these potential challenges and provide available resources and adaptations.

A Sneak Peek to Resources Available

Pedal extenders may accommodate short statures. Certified driving rehabilitation specialists can help people work through driving challenges. Another example is the program CarFit developed by AAA, AARP, and the American Association of Occupational Therapists to provide drivers with expert guidance regarding their individual “fit” in their vehicle.

For more valuable information like this, be sure to join the webinar!!!

Pedal Extenders (image by Des Gosling Mobility)

“An informed and individual approach to driving is important. It can be very scary and become unsafe if you don’t have the appropriate skills, whether you have Turner Syndrome or nothing at all.”

Through donations and supporters, webinars such as these are made possible. You can be the person that helps change a life of a woman with TS. Become a 1938 Sustainer Donor and support events like these today!

Written by Kelly Carroll, TSF volunteer blog writer. Edited and Designed by Riya Ajmera, TSF Blog Coordinator.

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