From Heartbroken to Hopeful

Kourtney’s Story

“My pregnancy with Natalie was my third pregnancy. After two fetal loses, the doctors were watching me closely and considered me high risk. We were terrified to get our hopes up that this pregnancy would be successful. At 10 weeks we had an ultrasound and they found a cystic hygroma on the baby’s neck. We were sent for CVS testing and received the results two weeks later.

We were told that our baby had non-mosaic TS, and that the combination of the TS and the hygroma gave her no chance of survival. The doctors recommended that I terminate the pregnancy due to my emotional state.

At 14 weeks we went in for a repeat ultrasound. The cystic hygroma shrunk significantly, and her chances of survival were raised to 0.5%. The pregnancy was difficult. I had low amniotic fluid throughout, so I could not feel any movement. We never knew if she was OK in there, but we hoped for a miracle.”

A Future of Hope

Kourtney is not the only mother who is heartbroken at the time of diagnosis. A lack of TS knowledge often leaves family members feeling confused and lost. This is where the Turner Syndrome Foundation comes in. Our mission to increase Turner Syndrome awareness and education can help mothers like Kourtney find hope in a troubling time. With your support, we can continue offering information free of charge, so family members can learn about Turner Syndrome in a safe, hopeful place.

Natalie is the most amazing, wonderful kid you could meet. There is not a person who meets her who does not love her on the spot.  She is incredibly smart, beautiful, and full of life. When she goes in for her bi-anual blood-work, she thanks the doctors and says, ‘See you soon.’  She knows each of her 10 doctors by name, and what they check her for. When Natalie enters a room, she immediately lights it up. My entire family is convinced that she was sent here to make us all smile and appreciate how wonderful life is.

Your support of the Turner Syndrome Foundation today will help parents and family members like Kourtney navigate a new diagnosis. Only you can bring hope to those who need it most.

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