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Turner Syndrome Foundation’s success relies on a large network of dedicated community members and funders. These supporters help facilitate education programs and outreach to the professional communities that serve every woman, child and their respective families affected by TS. We are grateful for their generosity and for the relationships we have developed over the years.

National Partners

Professional Partnerships

The contribution of professional partners ensures that women and children living with Turner Syndrome will benefit from advocacy, education programs, and new science. This will improve the understanding of Turner Syndrome and improve the quality of care over a lifetime. Strategic collaborations foster rapid understanding of unmet needs and challenges often faced when living with an unrecognized and often underserved condition. Partnerships can take the form of research, events, or volunteerism.

Professional Partnerships: Kean University, Brookdale Community College, Monmouth University, Rutgers University

Media and Celebrity Partnerships

Media and celebrities can lend their voice to this women and children’s initiative. Help bring awareness and support to this leading female health condition. We are looking for highly visible, non-commissioned individuals and families to be spokespersons for Turner Syndrome in all they do. You can be a role model for so many! Contact us!

Participants and Sponsors

Receive recognition when you provide participate to give monetary and voluntary support in nationwide events that are geared to empower and engage the patient and professional communities. Heel-to-Pavement, walk, run, cheer, or volunteer. Grow a caring community of support.
Learn how you can participate or sponsor an event.

Become a Community Partner

Want to help? Have a need for community service hours or looking for a team building activity to give back in your community?  Then complete a volunteer application and submit with a letter of interest. We’ll do our best to find a volunteer opportunity that is just right for you.
Go to the volunteer page

Community Partners: Phi Theta Kappa, College, Middle School, High School, Girl Scouts

Join the National Council of State Leaders

We’re building a team of professional and patient advocates. A Turner Syndrome community is born of leadership through the NCSL, National Council of State Leaders program.
Learn more about this opportunity

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