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Leadership Advances Turner Syndrome Care

A Turner Syndrome community is born of leadership through the NCSL, National Council of State Leaders program.

Regional access to care and support is integral to the health and well-being of girls and women with Turner Syndrome. In an effort to meet this demand, the National Council of State Leaders has been organized, oriented, and supported by our administrative staff. You can impact people where they live, and we will be right there with you.

The Turner Syndrome Foundation’s National Council of State Leaders are devoted to improving the lives of girls and women affected by Turner Syndrome. This council has evolved in response to the urgent call for leadership. Leadership is sought in all 50 states.

Objectives of the NCSL:

    • Legislative – Legislative advocacy for Turner Syndrome awareness & rights
    • Professionals – Attendance at professional organization conferences to interact with doctors, nurses, teachers, and institution administrators providing resources about Turner Syndrome
    • Workshops – Facilitate patient education workshops
    • Care Centers – Pursue specialized centers for the care regionally
    • Grand Rounds – Advocate alongside an endocrinologist at pediatric grand rounds, sharing the patient’s perspective and TSF information resources
    • Team TSF – Facilitate statewide Team TSF awareness campaign activities
    • Meet ups – Plan patient and caregiver social events
    • Interagency Partnerships – Collaborate with state agencies, health systems, and education institutions
    • Fundraise – Setup an online or in person event
    • Communication Ambassador – Disperse information through your regional communication channels

Every region has unique needs.  Regional and state leaders can make a profound impact where they live through Turner Syndrome Foundation’s National Council of State Leaders (NCSL).

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