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Síndrome de Turner

Each case diagnosed has an individual history and different results …

    • The patient was carried out in all the important stages of her growth and development. She became a charming, expressive and intelligent girl, although of very small stature. This girl would later be diagnosed with a genetic abnormality.
    • A routine sonogram showed a hygroma –  more genetic tests and medical options.
    • The baby was born in danger –  just by looking at her they knew that she had Turner Syndrome.
    • Every day anxiously awaiting his birth,  praying for his life , for his health, and for his future.
    • He has multiple disabilities, and I take care of him .
    • Un día todos sus síntomas contaron una historiaLa historia de un síndrome llamado Turners.
    • Infertilidad a los veinte años  y ahora un nuevo diagnóstico para navegar.
    • Cada trayecto es único y muchas veces complicado . Las pacientes buscan respuestas y los médicos y educadores necesitan recursos y apoyo de efecto significativo. La investigación es la respuesta

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