February & Everyday Awareness | Turner Syndrome Foundation

February & Everyday Awareness

Turner Syndrome is a leading genetic disorder in females. More than 97% of TS pregnancies are tragically lost, accounting for 20% of all miscarriages. Our goal is to save lives, lower diagnosis age, and improve care standards. This is made possible only by the support of generous donors and volunteers.

As impactful as this condition is, it still remains relatively unknown among the general public. Raising awareness of TS requires everyone who is personally affected to raise their voices and champion this cause. We encourage you to take action – only you can share your unique perspective of TS. Are you ready to join our efforts and change the future of TS care?

February is Turner Syndrome Awareness Month, a special opportunity to take action! Every February our community comes together to post, share, talk, and educate. We challenge you to take action this February – then keep the momentum going all year long!

For 2020, we have created an Involvement Packet that explains many ways to raise awareness! Let's all work towards one mission so that we can have a greater impact. From social media, to events, and more, there is something for everyone!

In the Awareness Toolkit, we’re sharing all of the tools you’ll need to successfully raise awareness in your community. From graphics to share on social media to talking points to help you feel confident when discussing TS. Remember, one action can get things started, but continued action will bring real change!

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