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Powerfully Impacting the TS Community: Legislative Advocacy

   There are many ways to get involved in awareness and work within the Turner syndrome (TS) community. Legislative advocacy is a very important part of that work, as it allows us to communicate directly with our federal, state, and local representatives who have the ability to officially proclaim awareness for TS. National awareness for

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What School Psychologists Need to Know About Students with Turner Syndrome

Subscribe to our blog Students with Turner syndrome (TS) often have special needs in the classroom. Some experience nonverbal learning disorder (NVLD), social anxiety, or other challenges. School psychologists are in a unique position to nurture these students’ strengths and support them in their challenges. Below is a review of an article from the National

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Sharing a Turner Syndrome Diagnosis with Your Child at Different Stages

Subscribe to our blog Many parents struggle with sharing a Turner Syndrome (TS) diagnosis with their child. When is it appropriate? How do I share it? How much do I share? It is a difficult decision, but there are benefits to sharing the diagnosis and educating the child about their condition. It increases knowledge, self-advocacy,

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Turner Syndrome and the Importance of Newborn Screening

Subscribe to our blog Medical advancements in newborn screening have improved the early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, including Turner syndrome (TS). This screening is efficient, cost-effective, and although not frequently talked about, includes routine tests that take place prenatally or immediately after birth. Since September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month, we will take

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The Changing Workplace: New Opportunities for Work-Life Balance

Subscribe to our blog The sudden change and isolation during the COVID pandemic pushed us into an uncomfortable and uncertain reality, one that led us to reconsider our choices and routines. The workplace changed, too, in ways that offer new opportunities for those seeking an improved work-life balance in the post-pandemic world. Individuals with Turner

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How To Spread Your Butterfly Wings & Be Successful in College

Subscribe to our blog Getting accepted to college is a huge accomplishment. Many students wonder if they are prepared for the challenges they might face when entering college and feel worried about managing academic and personal life. The transition from high school to college can be intimidating, but there are many opportunities and resources available

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