Liver Disorder

How is Turner Syndrome Related to Liver Disorder?

80% of women with TS have been documented with Increased levels of liver enzymes. With these increased serum concentrations, TS patients are at higher risk for infectious hepatitis, serum hepatitis C derived from Virus RNA, and Diabetes. Although the frequency of liver disorder in TS is attributed to weight excess, it was initially thought that Estrogen therapy was an additional cause, which was later disproven. According to a recent paper, liver enzymes are elevated in patients and readily suppressed with hormone replacement therapy. 


Infectious Hepatitis (Hepatitis A):

Form of infection that causes inflammation of the liver. Fully treatable and wears off in 1-2 months.

Serum Hepatitis C:

Inflammation and infection of the liver caused by an RNA virus. Patients tend to remain asymptomatic, but health related symptoms can include fatigue, nausea, yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), and gastrointestinal damage and bleeding.


A group of blood glucose related disorders. Patients with Turner Syndrome are susceptible to a fatty liver, which is the buildup of excess fat cells in the liver. This can cause various stages of Diabetes. For more information about the different types of Diabetes and how they relate to Turner Syndrome, follow this link:

Available Treatments:

Patients with liver disorders can undergo hormonal replacement therapy to suppress the liver enzymes associated with hepatitis. If you or a loved one are considering hormonal therapy, there are a number of specialized care centers available for consultation on our website. Follow this link.

Patients with TS experiencing problems related to liver disorders are also encouraged to go for routine enzyme checkups, which can be arranged with your healthcare provider.

White Pages 

Liver involvement in Turner Syndrome:
Online Library
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Clinical Guidelines Handbook Pg. 151-153

To read more about liver health, scroll to page(s) G40-G41 in the Clinical Guidelines  found here.

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