Webinar- Balancing Emotional Wellbeing

Sponsored by Pfizer

This webinar is presented by Michael Sager, Patient Affairs Liaison with Pfizer’s Community Connections Programs for Rare Disease, for a peer-to-peer interactive presentation. WE Learn is a Turner Syndrome Foundation educational learning activity.

Three (3) main objectives:

  • Open a dialogue about mental health and how it impacts the Turner community
  • Outline some of the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety to encourage discussion with your treatment team
  • Empower patients and caregivers to engage in meaningful conversations about their mental health

We all need help and support in order to maintain emotional wellness, and this has been especially hard during the pandemic. The goal of this webinar is to give the participants some comfort and maybe a new way of approaching some of these mental health issues.  No medical advice will be provided. The goal is to have a peer-to-peer discussion facilitated by Michael Sager of Pfizer.  

About Michael Sager: Mike earned a Bachelor of Arts from Xavier University and a Master of Arts in Spanish Literature from the University of Cincinnati. After a 12-year career in teaching Spanish, exporting, international sales, and customer service, Mike joined the Pfizer sales force in 2002. He is passionate about improving health and well-being through exercise, diet, compliance with prescribed therapies, and education and looks forward to sharing this passion as he supports patients as a Pfizer Patient Affairs Liaison.

Everyone is encouraged to join.
Advanced registration is required.

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